Issue thermal mug: Question on use

Mugatu2 said:
I've given my issue thermal mug to the Mrs as I never use it and she has a long commute.
She came back to me and asked how the hell you drink out of it... I must admit it's got me stumped too. It's the one made by aladdin, black plastic outer and a stainless steel inner.

It has 2 lids, the top one comes off revealing a small chamber where on most other mugs you have a hole where the drink comes through into the chamber in order for you to sup.
Trouble is, there isn't really a hole to drink from, just a small pinhole which p*sses steam into the chamber which in turn leaks out the top cover.

The only way to drink is to remove both lids, and that kind of misses the point.

Am I missing something? Or is it just a horribly gash bit of kit?

Any suggestions for a better replacement are very welcome by the way.
Yeah me too, I tired to drink out of the tiny hole and burnt my nose. I took the mug back and complained about health and safety.


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They replaced them with the white enamel ones with the blue rim at the top.
flamingo said:
I have one of these, it's the best bit of kit I ever bought - in the summer, fill it up with ice, cold drinks on demand as well.

Mind you, I'd pay good money to see Mrs Mugata2 trying to drink out of the tiny hole!

(Shouldn't this have been posted in the "How bone is your Mrs" thread?)
Yep it keeps hot things hot & cold things cold. Currently I have a choc ice & a pint of coffee in mine!


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OldStripey said:
What???? now they issue Thermal Mugs? :?

Not in my day :roll:
We've also handed in our red tunics and shakos. And I haven't seen a button stick for ages...