Issue thermal mug: Question on use

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mugatu2, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. I've given my issue thermal mug to the Mrs as I never use it and she has a long commute.
    She came back to me and asked how the hell you drink out of it... I must admit it's got me stumped too. It's the one made by aladdin, black plastic outer and a stainless steel inner.

    It has 2 lids, the top one comes off revealing a small chamber where on most other mugs you have a hole where the drink comes through into the chamber in order for you to sup.
    Trouble is, there isn't really a hole to drink from, just a small pinhole which p*sses steam into the chamber which in turn leaks out the top cover.

    The only way to drink is to remove both lids, and that kind of misses the point.

    Am I missing something? Or is it just a horribly gash bit of kit?

    Any suggestions for a better replacement are very welcome by the way.
  2. You are missing something mate.
  3. Erm, how do I drink out of a cup? is this a wah?
  4. I can just about work out how to drink out of a cup. Thanks.
    What I can't work out is why a cup has 2 lids, and one of them doesn't have a drinking hole.

    It's a genuine enquiry, not a wah. I didn't post this in the Naafi bar after all.
  5. The top section (with its "lid" and tiny hole) is for the pressure made by your steaming beverage.

    You then take the big lid off and enjoy said beverage as if it was a long cup, fear not your lips won't be burnt I have two myself.

    My waaahh radar is twitching but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Thanks, that explains it. I've never seen a design like that so I did wonder why there were 2 lids... The Mrs prefers one that has a drinking hole so the drink stays warm longer. Seems a bit daft to have to take your lid completely off to take a drink.

    Anyway, as said, not a wah, so thanks again for the genuine reply.
  7. Trust me if you put the lid back on between drinks it stays hot for a long time!!!
  8. I use one all the time in fact i have a issue one next to my bed with a hot tasty beverage in it now. It will stay hot for ages just as long as you replace the lid after sips!!
  9. I refuse to believe anyone this thick knows how to use the internet unaided.
  10. Any mug your wife gets with a wee drinky hole won't be waterproof - the issue mug allows you to take the hot drink with you without fear of spilling - a massive boon when attending meetings away from your own tea bar!
  11. I find this type of mug less than ideal for use whilst driving. Here's why:

    The drinking lid has 2 holes; one for the drink to come out and the other for the air to go in (otherwise a vacuum will occur and nowt will come out). Not a problem when used in normal circumstances; however, when driving you will tend not to tilt your head fully back when you drink in order to keep lookout and maintain the 5 metres distance from you and the Pergeot 206 doing 95 in front of you. The trouble with this is that unless your head tilts back your nose presses against the air hole and creates a vacuum in the mug leaving you with a choice of risking death on the M4 or not getting your caffeine fix.

    All true. You don't get that kind of advice in Stuff magazine.

  12. I find this kind of mug totally different to the one mugatu2 is describing.
  13. Mugatu is describing the 'flask' style cup. Like a small version of a thermos, i.e you remove entire lid between sips. Dragstrip is on about the issue thermal mug or the shop bought type where you drink out of the hole in lid which is normally covered by a sliding bit of plastic.
  14. I have one of these, it's the best bit of kit I ever bought - in the summer, fill it up with ice, cold drinks on demand as well.

    Mind you, I'd pay good money to see Mrs Mugata2 trying to drink out of the tiny hole!

    (Shouldn't this have been posted in the "How bone is your Mrs" thread?)
  15. I wonder if she was repeatedly jabbing her tongue in the slit trying to reach the hidden nectar inside?