Issue Survival Kit in black wallet.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. When i served in Bosnia as part of 24 Air Mobile we were all issued with a survival kit in some sort of black rubber pouch. The contents were quite basic but consisted of a snare, small saw, magnifying glass, fish hooks etc.

    Any body know if they were Army or RAF issue and if you can buy them on e-bay etc ?

    Like an idiot i sold my at a boot sale some years ago but now regret it as i expect my son would have liked to have had it.

    What great fun we had burning each others roll mats and scorthing each others backs with the magnifying glass - rest of the tour was shit !
  2. Isn't part of the fun making one up yourself with your nipper?
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  3. I did try that but couldn't find anything similar to the one i was issued. Just wondered if anybody knew what type they are.

    Captain plume your quite right
  4. Have a look in any of the Worst Case Scenario Handbook/Dangerous Book for Boys/Lofty Wiseman Survival books. Hrdest thing I always found was getting hold of a tobacco tin! You can also have a lot of fun teaching him how to use bits of it - MasterPlume is a little bit little yet, but he will get a taste of camp craft (even if it's just in the back garden) soon!
  5. They are army issue (although the RAF probably use the same items). Not sure if the pouch is still available as I never really used them but have had all the other items through the system quite recently.

  6. Try bcb international they do survival kits for the military try them
  7. BCB do most of the survival kit, especially emergency flying stuff so they might do.Survival aids sell a few differant kits also.
  8. Just been told by some of my old muckers that they were in fact RAF issue and sourced by the Bn for the tour. Not seen any for sale. The Go Pack looks better than the one's i was issued -only thing missing is the magnifying glass which could set fire to anything.
  9. We had these on issue and I've still got mine in its wrapper. If it helps the markings are:


    Survival Kit (Ground Troops)

    A3/8465-9904561350 Wallet Qty 1
    A3/8465-9904561347 Glass Burner Qty 1
    A3/8465-9904561354 Wire Snare Qty 1
    22P/4220-99-1388693 Kit Fishing Qty 1
    1B/ 51100-99-4562156 Saw Pocket Qty 1
    A3/6605-99-1279239 Compass Qty 1
    22P - NIV Foil Blanket Qty 1

    They are pretty basic, the current equivalent is a COTS item from IIRC 'Ultimate Survival' in a rather gucci peli case.
  10. Time to check some NSNs...

    My own survival tin consiists of...

    old baccy tin (used to have a ganja leaf onthe lid, if you to the 'alternative lfiestyle/hippy' you may find good baccy tins.

    edible candle, carved to a rectangle.
    flint and magniesium
    an old credit card with lots of fishing line tied around, selection of hooks and weights.
    an old credit card with lots of thick cotton wrapped around. selecion of needles and safety pins.
    wire saw
    4 brass snares
    potasium permanganate
    water puri tabs (from rat packs)
    cam needle
    loads of waterproof matches, and normal matches dipped in finger nail polish. (from rat packs)
    strips of plaster
    beta light
    magnifying glass.

    can't remember much more... lots of cotton wool wadding to keep everything tight.
    then lots of green string wrapped around the tin, a big plastic bag and 4 elastic bands. The laccy bands burn well and hot, when lit.

  11. Other NSN's which are current also include:

    8465 99 138 3533 Sleeping Bag (Foil pouch containings a clear plastic survival bag)
    8465 99 126 6980 Survival Kit Individual (BCB Combat Survival Tin)
    8465 99 147 7134 Survival Kit Individual (BCB Military Survival Kit)
    8465 99 270 7742 Survival Kit Individual (BCB Ultimate Survival Kit)
    8465 99 131 4124 Survival Kit Individual (BCB Air Crew Kit)
    6850 99 225 1833 Puritabs
    6350 99 975 7477 Mirror Signalling
    6260 99 224 4960 Candle Arctic (long life)
    8465 99 973 6663 Milbank Bag

    Remember that just because there is a NSN it does not mean that you are entitled to it - but hey, it is worth a go!

  12. Thank you very much, but I live a life of such intense domesticity at the moment that a survival kit to me is my bank card, a list of cash points and a copy of the Good Beer Guide.

    I am, howver, going to visit MrsPlume's family in NZ this Christmas so will probably need to go shopping a la William Boot in Scoop to purcvhase the necessities for visiting the more remote of Her Majesty's colonies...