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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by GhillieTheKid, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know any quick ways to dry them.

    When I got them they had a sticker on them saying not to tumble dry them, so any one know any other ways?

    On the radiator takes ages,

    And leaving them in the sun works but the sun isn't out,

    And just as I finished typing "And leaving them in the sun works but the sun isn't out," The sun came out...

    Anyway, anyone know any quick ways to dry them?


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  2. Are you talking about the green ones that are about mid calf length? If so just tumble dry them on a lowish heat, I still have mine after 10 years and still wear them.
  3. Take a short moment to engage your brain and think 'How does mummy dry my tatty-water encrusted pants?' That's correct, by using a heat source preferrably with a bit of wind thrown in for good measure.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You saying your Mum f arted through your skiddies to dry them?
  5. I usually tumble dry mine. When they're ruined I take them back to the shop.
  6. I don't wear them as they're shite.

    I loathe paying for substitutes for that which the army already provides, but these are absolutely fucking awful. I'm under the impression that the MOD got together with the bods at NASA to design a material which can generate the largest amount of heat, whilst still costing pennies. I wasn't a great fan of the old green issue socks either, but they wear awesome compared to the new black ones.

    Anyway, to provide an answer to the OP - If you're really stuck for time, iron them dry.
  7. Mine are black, and go all the way up to the knee, but i fold the top back so there a bit shorter
  8. Mine went up to the knee when they were new as well. After a few washes they're only fit for Action Man.
  9. Socks are for homosexuals. Dip your feet in surgical spirit for a week and you'll have skin like an elephant and thus will not need socks. Looks a bit pikey in shoes though.
  10. always dried my black woolly socks in the dryer.. and still fit after 2 yrs of doing it..
  11. Are yours socks special ? As all my green and black ones tend to shrink after a few tumbles on low heat :?

    A alternative to surgical spirit is tallow.
  12. As soon as you get the chance ditch the sodding things and get yourself some Bridgedale socks, cost a bit but they have lasted me years.
  13. Always put mine in the dryer. And they still seem ok.
  14. just tumble dry um! i do n they seem allright at the end of the day its a pair of socks!
  15. Tiger stacker, its simple, my feet are a 7 and my socks fit upto a 9 :D gives shrink-allowage ;)