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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Notos, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Chaps/ettes

    Currently writing a presentation on the difference between the standard issued equipment: Sleeping Bags, Fleece etc.
    Just trying to find the specs for the issue sleeping system - what is the the comfort and extreme temperatures etc?

    Many thanks.
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    IIRC, when I was in norway the comfort was supposed to be -10 and extreme about - 20, but I was told this in passing, so might not be correct.

    Certainly I was nice and snug in my snow hole hovering around the 0 degree mark, if not a little too warm!
  3. Thats brilliant, to be honest, i just need a ball park figure to illustrate my point - and to be able to do a weight to effectiveness ratio etc.
  4. Seems like an interesting topic!?!?!

    I was told 'in passing' that it was for use down to -20 and that using a bivvy bag too brings this down to -25.

    I've also heard on the grapevine that softies are issued for basic these days? In which case the fleece would be out.
  5. The old sleeping bag died off a while ago and what was the Arctic bag is now standard issue. I could check the specs but down to -20 would link up with all the other cold weather equipments.

    The fleece is still on issue to recruits. Ops get the softie suit as standard as do the Royal Marines. The cost of the softie suit and the fleece is almost the same. An option was put forward a while ago saying we should top issuing fleeces and start issuing softie jackets. Royals jumped at it but Land (Army) thought it was just a bit too much like hard work, and what if usage rates go up and what if etc etc and frankly would push it through. PECOC does away with the fleece and replaces it with a Buffalo jacket and also issues an up market softie suit....toastie!
  6. That is incredible. Getting charged well over the odds for those fleeces then are we?!

    That's typical and jack as fcuk. Usage rates? Give them crap gear so they dont use it and save us money. What a bunch of bastards.

  7. What Buffalo jacket are they going for? I've just spent a whack of cash on mine, so better get using it me thinks.
  8. Its based on an improved SF one. It would be wrong to say who made the trial items for PECOC before the system tender.

    It has the normal venting zips, water resistant outer, map pockets, hand warmers (with the thumb holes in the sleeves), fleece type material inside rather than piled wool. Accepting that mid layers are worn as outer garments its been designed to be worn as a top layer.

    Normal mil spec for things like no rub seams, double stitching etc. Trial troops like it and get to keep it (and some other nice stuff) at the end.
  9. We were informed in Norway that the current issue sleeping 'bomb' goes down to minus 50 degrees, remember though that this is to preserve life, not sleep in comfort and toastie! In Norway 2005, on the servival phase the temp dropped to minus 39 degrees and I was fine in the issue bag (with bivvi bag).
  10. Certainly is on general issue at sandhurst, to the foriegn cadets only becuase they are not used to the inclamental weather of blighty. Is this the army admitting that the fleece is pump?
  11. her majesty's forces admitting that the kit the dole out is pump?
    pigs'll be flying out of hell because it's a bit nippy before that happens ;)

    KM, any chance of getting our hands on some of this nice stuff eh? :p
  12. The Softie is on issue to all the overseas cadets at Sandhurst, but also all the ones who LOOK foreign. Reverse racism!

    Black guy in a platoon is from Kenya but joining the British Army, and he got issued a softie. However, another Kenyan (but white) didn't get the softie. Admin!
  13. I feel for him (the white lad...I'm not quite big enough to feel for the black lad 8O ). When I got deployed to telic I was refused any kit on the grounds that I already had the full issue twice over :roll:
    Funny, seeing as that was my first tour..

    feck it, let's light some torches, get a battering ram and ramraid the clothing store!!!! :twisted:
  14. No point ram raiding the one for Telic mate he's stopped demanding kit prior to bugging out so we have to make sure everything lasts.
  15. Worst part is, the black kenyan has been living in britain for more than five years, but the white ones been here for only about a year. He's just experienced exercise in January, coupled with his first ever January in the UK. Sh*t for him.