Issue Shoes????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blonde_guy, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. actually, mat regs (or JSP equiv) state for service dress that shoes should be leather and well polished, desn't specify what sort, and its common place to see offrs wearing a variety of footwear when in barrack-dress, however, people normally screw the nut for service dress and wear the issued ones...

    the good Lt col pictured is dressed in number 4(?) dress (tropical service dress) so i assume the same rules apply. it wouldlook kinda weird wearing highly polished, heavy brown/black shoes with lightweight trop service dress.
  2. [​IMG]

    Glad he's not putting himself forward and alienating the two behind him too much! 8O
  3. Desies and what looks like his thumb in his pocket like some council estate chav. Just what cake and Arrse regt or corps produces officers like this?
  4. Danny, seems to me that this pic is taken London, so trop dress is a bit strange in the circumstances.
  5. I was thinking Dessie but after just putting mine on to go for a p1ss, they are the wrong colour, wrong shape, wrong tread and wrong laces (if they are there they would be below the trousers)

    What would a Rodney nornmally wear with this marching suit?
  6. could be a MA/DA or cyprus based and visiting UK...or just dressing up for the cameras!!!

    i think he's wearing somekind of chukka boot, which is acceptable?

    can anybody work out the cap-badge from the collar dogs, then cross reference with corps/regt dress regs, if you're that interested!!!!
  7. It's No 4 Dress - meant' for hot climes but actually very comfortable for wearing in todays climate controlled buildings.

    It is one of the most practical uniforms issued - light, comfortable to wear, easy to keep clean and iron and inexpensive. It looks smart and feels good.

    I could never work out why the MOD has spent fortunes trying to find a new No 2 Dress when this uniform is available.

    Wear mine in the summer - though with brown shoes.
  8. You say it's in London, the flag when on the link says, Brit embassy, Kinshasa
  9. Dessie wellies were/are worn as SOP in places such as embassy posts/E2 in places like Oman, Barhrain blah,blah. You also get officers that like to be tit's and show they've been there or got the kit of their very pliable RQMS .