Issue Sealskinz waterproof breathable socks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. I've been issued a pair of these and have been wearing them with my (not even slightly waterproof) Altberg Sneeker boots. These socks are brilliant. As the Altbergs are very comfy but not waterproof it makes a very effective combination. (I still wouldn't recommend buying the Altberg Sneekers though.)

    Anyway, I could do with another pair so I can have a pair on and a pair washing/clean but reckon I've got two hopes of getting extra off the QM so am looking to buy a pair. Thing is, it's not clear what the equivalent model is on the civvy market, they sell quite a variety.

    Can anyone who has a pair of these issued and still has the packaging tell me what the manufacturer's product reference/model number is?

    Size XL. I think they all come in black although colour isn't important.

  2. Never got on with them myself, however:


    Look under Goretex or MVP socks in militaria and they go for about a tenner or less. Search for the brand-name SealSkinz in camping or cycling and they're £25.

    Same thing, although some of the civvy ones look shorter.
  3. If they are shorter they are not the same thing. That's why I want the model number of the issue ones.. Thanks all the same. :)
  4. The ebay link will take you to your issue socks for sale on ebay.

    It also shows the old green carrier-bag ones.
    Don't buy them, they're not the socks you want.

    Sorry if wot i rote was confusing?
  5. Yeah I did have a look thanks. There are only a few on eBay in mainly the wrong sizes, many of them used. If I can get the manufacturer's reference I can order new ones from a supplier.

    Agreed ref the "carrier bag" ones. I had a pair of those twenty years ago. Gave up using them for a pair of stretch Goretex ones from Berghaus around 1990. Even those aren't a patch on the new Sealskinz ones mind.
  6. Have you checked their website to see if you can spot them there? Socks are at the bottom.
  7. Yes, they are not shown. I also tried calling them but I just get an answer machine and they can't be bothered to call back. I'll try them again.
  8. Right, chased them up and got a call back. The answer is that the "Duty" socks as issued are an MOD only item and they don't sell them elsewhere, terms of the MOD contract apparently.

    The closest equivalent is the "Trekking" sock. Apparently the MOD sock is slightly harder wearing but the Trekking sock is otherwise similar.
  9. Not sure if this is the one you are looking for but:

    Nato Stock Number: 8415992887233
    Procurement Reference Number: DC/CID/6285 SIZE EXTRA LARGE

    Some of that may point you into a civvy purchase

  10. Yep, I think that's it but not available outside the system except for surplus sales apparently.....

    The "Trekking sock" is apparently similar so I'll buy those I think.

    Suppose I could always try Man at Q&M and ask nicely....
  11. It was me in a previous life that switched the MOD to these socks from the old and unloved ones. Trust me there is no restrictions on selling MOD spec ones commercially. The likelihood is that the MOD buys in batches and they will be making a batch to order, shipping it to Bicester and then switching back to the commercial products, therefore they have no stock of MOD ones until the next DCT buy.
  12. Thought you might pop up! :D

    Firstly: THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU from the bottom of my sole. ;)

    I don't doubt you but the chap at Sealskinz said the materials were different in the MOD ones, that MOD had insisted on their own specification and that it was commercially binding - or words to that effect. I'll order the Trekking ones and see if I can tell the difference. It strikes me that it would be in Sealskinz favour to market them as "MOD approved." Maybe just got a different label on them.

    Probably crossed wires between departments at Sealskinz. Ace product in any case.

    Oh and THANKYOU! :clap:
  13. I will see them about so will ask. I don't want to go into details but the old ones were MoD spec in the grand old tradition of long term contracts = out dated kit. When it came around for renewal we all just decided it was easier to take new commercial ones (and cheaper)

    The Sealskinz are the best for what they do and they were originally in PECOC but I have no idea if they made it through to this stage.

    As for poping up I still log in most days and scan over whats going on. Gearspotter is closer to the latest general info so I have been leaving it to him and am thankful that he took over and kept the 'insider' input going into the forum. If I come across stuff where I will add value I will jump in but I am operating in specific technical areas now in the commercial world, espcially the US.
  15. I could try it. Think I'll order a pair anyway. If you can check the price let me know. Ta. :)