Issue Pro Boots.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Looking to get myself a new pair for my old man. No chance of nicking them from the stores or getting billed for them as i have never been issued them. Where can i get them and preferably not for the quoted £120.

    I Apologise if there is somewhere i should have posted this but tough titties. Help me out dudes! Christmas is coming and im getting fat!
  2. Don't waste your money! Spend it on something better made and more importantly, that you can get re-soled. Once you wear the soles out on a pair of proboots, they're only good for the bin...

    This will no doubt start a monster thread on the best boots to buy but for what its worth, as an Infantryman, I swear by my pair of Danners, which I've had re-soled twice and are still going strong after 11 years!
  3. Nah dont get me wrong i live by LOWA's but at the end of the day he aint doing CFT's in them or Company attacks in Brecon. He just wants them for beating the streets without getting wet feet on certain nights. He's tried on a pair of his mates. Thinks they are the sh1t so would like a pair. Plus he's ex Job so he knows what he likes. I said the same thing.

    Anyone help???
  4. No seriously Pro Boots. I know i know and i know but they aint for me. We r talking about the man who thinks silver shadows are the best running webs invented!
  5. Pro Boots

    13 hours to go and at 36 quid. The're size 11s, you didnt specify size. Suffice to say, there are some going on ebay, and i bet they sell for under £120

  6. Cheers dude. I never even thought of ebay. Size 9's! Keep your ears to the floor for me gents!
  7. Size 9

    Used but in good nick. 40 quid buy it now.


    Edited to say, there even appears to be a small piece of brecon left on the sole. You cant buy more genuine than that!!
  8. Im suprised that they havent got SAS Pro boots as the name. Not impressed the seller could have raped us for so much more. I got 20 hours to think whether a second hand christmas prezzie is a bit jack. I could always get him some lego to go with em!!!
  9. brand new pro boots £60

    go that site if you stomach getting them off a cadet site

    bloody great bargain tho
  10. ... funny this,.... but totally agree, I used Lowa's for exercise, swear by them,...brill

    But for Plod I prefer Pro Boots. Mine are 10 years old and they are nye on perfect, dry, warm and on these cold winters nights.. a damn site better than the Hi Tec Magnum's most are wearing.