Issue Prismatic Compass

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Woof, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. I think, therefore I am, a mong.........becuase I can't find my issued Prismatic Compass.

    Values and Standards etc etc I am going to own up to having lost it and face the music.

    Does anyone know what tune I am likely to face and how much it is going to cost me???


  2. ooooh steep one, £275 ish last I heard,but I don't think you get billed for the whole price.

  3. Yeah youre screwed thinks its around at least £100 or it was in the 80s god knows what it is now .Theif bay have them from £50 someones floging one on behalf of a "freind" maybe its yours :)
  4. £250 brand spanking, but you can often find them on ebay.
  5. Check ebay but if you happen to be near Bovington there is a shop there that had one about 9 months ago. I know, I know, it is a long time ago, but it was there for a good 6 months whilst I was there so there is a chance. I think they wanted about £50. PM for their address (by address I mean name because I can't remember their address, but they do have a website I think!!!)
  6. 'Kin LENSATIC junk!

    Before you go buying a replacement compass, bear in mind that the one you signed out has a serial number. Your CQMS may be daft enough not to check it when you hand it in, but it will be noticed at some future stores check.
  7. Serial numbers can be removed and re engraved

  8. Thank god never lost mine but always told dont lose it because people get excited about it, why does it cost so much? I genuinely dont know.
  9. This item has been superseded twice (original NSN 6605 99 537 9034 if memory serves) by plastic replacement in black and finally in green plastic. Basic Price for original is £103.87. Plastic replacement items still comes in at a Basic Price of £80.73. The problem you may have is that this is a P Class serialised item requiring a BOI to ascertain the loss. Normally if you`re straight up about the loss people will try to help. Good Luck.
  10. Agree with a/m comment by puttees. Not only is the serial no recorded on a Special Stores Register (AF G8046) but it is also recorded on the Units Radiac Register as a GTLS source. I would suggest honesty is the best course of action and report it.
  11. fc*k me eegeek, if someone tried to hand that in as an issued prismatic I would tear them a new one. May work if you have a storeman who is blind and deficient a few chromosomes!!!!!!!
  12. Sadly, you've got to find it to know what number to put on. :wink:
  13. Quality craftsmanship, built like a tank (and weighs nearly as much) and a mother-of-pearl disc.