Issue over NON ISSUE kit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by watto135, May 2, 2007.

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  1. we have recently been told at our unit that we can not wear assault vests or chest webbing for training purposes.

    this was not too bad what they are also telling us is due to a build up on field training (non Inf unit) that all soldiers must carry webbing & daysacks on a cft not a bergan.

    the reason behind the issue webbing is down to Health & Safety, if you cut yourself, catch fire, or some else hurts them self why you are wearing the non issued kit you are not insured & can be sued.

    i find this really really hard to beleive, ther worst thing is we can wear daysacks that are not issued as long as they are green or dpm.

    This ruling seems to smite a bit to me i think it is just someone trying to take control of kit used thats all if so tell us so. when you think of the extra kit the lads buy are we getting to politically correct for own goods

    Whats next
    Dont like issue fleece so you buy a softie not insured ?
    have to buy a regimental stable belt not issued not isured ?
    buy a sqaudron or regimental t shirt not issued not insured ?
    Buy a smoch not issued not insured ?
    dont wear issue socks buy better walking socks not issued not insured ?

    OK so i might be going a bit over the top but it just seems really realy fishy to me !!!!!!!!!

    so discuss

  2. IN this compensation culture we live in, then its perfectly right.

    In an ideal world, you would get issued with all the kit you could possibly want, however, in the grand scheme of things, most of the kit you get issued is good and can be resupplied.

    However its how far they take this that could make it unbearable. What about that bottle of tabasco sauce you take for your meals, you fall over and it breaks in the process, your oppo puts his hand in it whilst dragging your ass back to your feet and then rubs his face getting tabasco in his eyes. Could technically be your fault for blinding him!
  3. Do you happen to have a new PSI/OC/CO per chance?

    I know of another unit where the OC decided that only kit issued by that unit was to be worn...regardles if it was issued to them by another unit in or out of ops....but then he was a prize one c0ck and the furthest he had deployed to was, I think, the NAAFI.

    I can understand the idea of the insurance point, but by wearing different kit, you are effectively giving up that insurance umbrella and it has always been tacitly acknowledged by all.

    I would have thought day sacks are actually dangerous on a CFT as they do not have lumbar supports ala bergans - anyway, it is up to the PTI to decide what kit they wear.

    It sounds to me like you have a new bod in place who is trying to stamp his authority on his (or her) new trainset.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Best you turn up without your spectacles and watch then...

    If anyone tries any 'Ooh it's Health and Safety', demand to see the risk assessment.

    And if you get any crap about insurance, ask for the insurance certificate.

  5. MBE

    That was my point to

    its a new TM i think
  6. MSR

    how do you know i wear glasses & have a watch you been watchin me at home havent you
  7. As far as not wearing non-issue boots? I think if the British Army did that, then Lowa would go out of business!

    I can understand the insurance issue if you don’t wear issue kit, but surly on ops, the enemy is going to be a little more cunning than a spot of 'bergan sores' from a non-issued one?
  8. Whats even better is where you have a CO decree issue only and then rock up in a para smock and junglies
  9. I don't think they are allowed either.

    have no problems with it really, for the role we have - I don't understand why we have webbing anyway (or rifles for that matter)
  10. Both of which can and should be issued to those that need them. Whilst the watch might look quite cool, the spectacles definitely don't, so perhaps sticking to your rights would be a Pyrrhic victory

    I have no doubt whatsoever, that a "safety case" for every single piece of issue kit can be produced from somewhere in the depths of MOD.Don't forget that the Army, as an employer (even though it pretends not to be for the purposes of TA Pensions) is obliged under H&S legislation to provide any necessary Personal Protection Equipment, in exactly the same way as a civilian employer - and arguably your issue uniform and equipment is just that. Additionally, interfering with H&S eqpt is actually a criminal offence. Sorry if I sound like Keith Lard off Phoenix Nights but the Army sent me on the course and I now have an enormous certificate and a penchant for wearing a white hard hat, carrying a clip board and shaking my head at even the most inocuous activities.

    Anyway it's all quite easy really. We have uniform in order to dress uniformly and Standard Operational Procedures in order to do things in a standard way - that's how the Army works. Soldiers(and officers) will always try and buck the system by having the world's biggest collection of ammo pouches or wearing a SAS windproof to turn the tap on in a MBLU or whatever - but it's actually just the same as the kid at school who insisted on having the biggest possible knot with the least amount of tie below it - they are just trying to be different.

    The only part of the original whinge which is actually valid is being forced to wear a non-issue daysack for CFT. The Army cannot force you to buy anything and I am sure the RSM will be extremely understanding when you tell him so.
  11. I would definatly NOT want to do a CFT in a daysack or for that matter anything other than a current issue infantry bergan.

    Just turn up with your bergan and take the bollocking, and when being bollocked remark that when the TA pays you enough to go out and buy a fancy new daysack for one weekend you will buy it.

    What are they going to do, send you home?
  12. The point with issued kit is that on Ops you will get the same/similar kit replcing broken,damaged or destroyed kit. In some cases with modular kit, you amy only get one piece (ie. the broken bit) Clearly if your Bergen is not issued, the issue replacement kikt may not solve your problem. Of course this is an argument ath only has real weight on extended Ops (we dont really do those) where your kit might get worn out. The other point is one of uniformity to ensure that we all look the same and that if captured you look like a simple tom, having all the gucci gear might be hard to explain to an Iranian interegator, but the only the Navy get caught!!
  13. There is the difference between the TA and The Reg Army. That attitude may get you somewhere in a TA Bn.

    I'm sure if a junior soldier "demanded" to see a risk assessment he'd have extras until the end of time. Atleast he'd get told to fcuk off for being gobby.

    Maybe i am biassed because i'm allowed to wear non issue kit but you have been told what to do and what to wear. Stop bitching and do as your told!
  14. This insurance thingy is begining to bug me, so could someone tell me how its possible to get insurance for civilians to go on helicopters, shoot rifles, or come adventure taining with us however they cant get insurance for a soldier to wear a diffrent set of boots on exercise?

    Or are people just knee jerking and and putting up the unbrellas without thinking
  15. Badcrow , I hear what you are saying , and I wouldn't pish about asking for risk assesment forms and all that.

    But I would wear the issue kit and take a bollocking for it, simply because the infantry bergan is very good, the only thing that compares that is non-issue costs a fortune. Ok, fine of your a regular, you will use it all the time and get value for money out of your non-issue berghaus bergan , the problem is some PSI's think that the TA soldier should have all the gucci kit in the world and can't get there head round the fact that a TA soldier is not going to fork out hundreds of pounds for kit he is barely going to use.

    I would take the bollocking and the sh!t that comes with it and wear what was issued. More and more stuff seems to be creeping into kit lists lately that costs a lot of money and isn't issued.