Issue or Scrote?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2brite2commission, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. OK, just found the article on the Beeb site - is this a real issue, is the beeb trying to make (another) story at MoD expense, or is he just a scrote that can't put up with barracks life?
    Aunty Beeb

    I know some who were, to some extent, affected by Falklands/NI/Gulf1 but I also know more who used this as an excuse - particularly when it came to pension time!

    Just realised that the above sounds a bit like a Journo - but I'm not.
  2. Already a topic in current news & analysis :)
  3. I would prefer to watch the programme before commenting but it is on BBC3, I think, which I cannot receive. So, it might be an iplayer job later.... on narrowband!

    Soldiers suffer from PTSD after any war. It affects people in different ways and Iraq/Afg will be exactly the same, IMHO.

  4. No-one I knew (from the mainland) joined the Army to go to NI; plenty of us put their names forward for GW1, but we didn't get to go as there were plenty of soldiers then. In any case, we hadn't joined to go to Kuwait; we'd volunteered for another war, which never actually happened.

    I suspect that a lot of people are joining the Army now specifically to go to AFG, after all the youtube/Ross Kemp et al recruiting videos. I have absolutely no evidence to back this up, but maybe the Army's becoming exposed to an increased risk of PTSD partly as a result of this.

    My father, a conscript, got PTSD after his National Service; it might be interesting to compare figures for veterans of Korea/Cyprus/Aden and those for AFG.