Issue or Not?

An FTRS QA pal of mine is due to attend a Court Martial soon (as a board member!). She has attempted to obtain a pair of uniform 'court shoes' - the required footwear to accompany service dress on such an occasion. Has been told they are not issue and that she needs to buy them on high street.

Is this true?

If so - how come myself and others were issued them on joining up?

Also - how on EARTH is one expected to find such a hideous style/colour of shoe in any self-respecting high street store? Anyone attempting to sell such dated footwear would surely be bankrupt by now!

Or is the RQMS just havin' a larff?

Anyone out there who can help?
I seem to remember that QA officers were able to buy court shoes through the QM stores. Presumably your friend can ask her regular colleagues where they buy theirs.
Rest assured, the likelihood of anyone taking time out to examine your chum's footwear is slim. What's the worst that can happen? She gets stood down and the first reserve (complete with shiny shoes) steps in! I know, I know, standards....but we are talking about girls here aren't we? :p
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