Issue of PLCE equipment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by waitout, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. A quick straw poll.

    Are there any other TA units out there that are not allowed to have their PLCE equipment issued to them on permanent signature????

    We are now not allowed to have our PLCE issued to us because mongs have lost or sold it and the system has not chased these mongs up??

    Am I the only one fed up of having to watch the guys keep signing this equipment in and out every Tuesday / Friday Evening and then try to pack it for the exercise.

    Apparently even Senior ranks are not allowed to keep their equipment.
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    RLC Specialist units don't get pers issue PLCE either. ( But do get helmet,rezzie and nowadays so I understand, CBA on your flick)

    Independent units mostly do. Sounds like you're in an Independent Unit though ?

    Don Cabra
  3. No we're not an independant unit.
  4. I've been at 3 units where PLCE is kept at the unit, counted out and in before and after the weekend - that was at 2 different fd hosps and an infantry unit. My last unit (yeomanry) expected everyone to have it at home (so you got more time training on a weekend not signing things in and out), and where I am now has just changed from keeping it in stores to giving everyone a locker for it.

    Having said that, there's a big difference between certain places in the South West and some in the North East ;o)
  5. But as an infantry unit, your belt kit and bergen are a very personal thing.

    It all seems a little childish to now turn around to guys with 10 or more years of service and say we don't trust you any longer.

    Its now getting to the stage where guys are going to start buying their own kit to save the hassle.

    I know I hate having to rush in on a Friday evening sort stuff out, but then also repack my Bergen, again and again!!!!

    They just seem to be penalising the guys for the loss of kit elsewhere.

    Not a happy bunny.
  6. In my inf battalion all webbing was kept in the stores and signed out prior to exercises/range days - we never had a problem with that. You took prepared the contents at home and brought them into the TAC in a holdall and packed them away after you signed for your kit. It was the system, and like most things in the army if you accept it it doesn't do you any harm.

    Personally I thought the system was very good - our soldiers turned up by half 7 and by 9 were bombed up and ready to get on the bus. We never had any losses, no-one was caught walting it up in Tesco wearing combats & webbing, and we didn't have to chase non attenders for essentail kit.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Same system we use now, only ours is boxed to the individual, and you come in to collect your box from the stores.

    No big issue unless you are determined to make it one.
  8. Just bill the fcuk out of 'em if they sell or lose it.

    You don't "lose" a full set of webbing.

    Even if they are out htey can be billed surely?
  9. While I was in an Inf it was issued to the individual and kept by the individual either in a locker or at home.

    On the other hand at a certain RA unit it was issued only on the friday night and taken back in on a Sunday and placed in a box!

    However the storeman insisted that to fit in the box it needed to be broken down into its component parts and stored empty, aqnything left in your webbing would be removed and disposed of!!

    Bearing in mind that this particularly retentive storeman also has his stores laid out exactly as per the pages in his ET including empty shelves as his ET said 'this page intentionally left blank'!!!!!!!
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer've just reminded me of the armourer at Grantham.....
  11. Bloody hell waitout I can see why your not a happy bunny mate what a fcuking hassle.

    Not had that problem myself. We get ours issued If you loose it you pay for it simple. Was also issued a lovely chest rig that i didn't want and have never used.
  12. The best way to do it! Seems that some people like having loads of green kit at home!

    Taking it home???

    "Pte/Cfn/Spr XYZ go to the G10 and get your PLCE" etc

    "Sorry Cpl D-E its at home!" :x

    Our G10 is pretty good though! The storeman does not go raking for extra pouches etc and rob them out your box :)

    Saying that i have known said G10 for men rep for 14 years and it still takes a 6 month build up to get socks out of him 8O
  13. Legend, rumour has it, he has got the big C.
  14. bloody hell . let me get this right .. on the weekend is an Ex, and on friday you sign out youre webbing, that doesn´t work !! Signed mine out and packed it 10 years ago , ! only need it for range days and sect comps !
  15. My old unit used to allow you to take it home but then they changed to having it in the stores which was a pain in the ass. But like it's been said on here already it's only an issue if you make it one. The army do everything in their power to annoy us it seems!!