Issue of MTP to TA

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by seamaster, May 26, 2012.

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  1. A simple question, hopefully, but nobody at my unit seems to know / can't be arsed finding out how to check.

    Is their an up to date schedule for when units will get MTP? I am with 3 PWRR. Also, is their a planned date for when brown boots will come in?

    I have searched and only seem to find vague answers.
  2. You'll get it when you get it.
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  3. You will probably get it just before the ACF get it or at the same time as them.

    ACF have been told from September 2012. As it's a supply pipeline, and DPM is running out fast, there is no reason to doubt that it will start then. (Sometimes roll-outs of new kit are done on time. Viz L98A2, actually completed ahead of timetable.)

    And before the armchair accountants start bleating, there is no additional cost in issuing the cadets PCS. There is an annual budget for uniforms and this is like for like. The plan is for counties/companies to all change over at the same time. No (or little) mixed dress issues. ACF have also been told that 'cadet' sizes will be manufactured and that boots of some sort will eventually be issued too.
  4. Like cf said. Pcs is in our store ( 3pwrr ) just waiting.
  5. L98A2 was completed ahead of timetable?

    I wouldn't bank on MTP being issued as county/coy blocks... expect your recruits to start getting it slightly before the remainder, and expect your... er, more padded Adults to get it later than most others.
  6. Yes. But they sat in storage for nearly a year while the MOD tried to find some oppressive regimes police force to sell them to, and after they realised there was no interest and certain EU conventions prevented such sales, we got them, which was the original plan in the first place.

    Work has already begun on laying down the gusset of my PCS trousers in a Korean shipyard, and should be complete by 2014.

    EDIT:But seriously, having seen the size range available as stock and no longer special order items, I think they have taken that into account. ACF and RLC(V) will be pleased.
  7. MTP issue

    1. If you are a kit whore don't buy ANYTHING in DPM

    2. You'll get it when stores issue it. I've heard it will begin Sept 2012 so any time after that probably 2 years to roll out.

    No one gives a sh1t because wearing DPM in no way inhibits the ability to function as a reservist or regular (some of them are still in it).

    As for boots

    Feel free to get black boots as you can wear them now and when PCS comes in as I doubt they'll come with brown to start with (I reckon about 2 years after initial issue brown coming in at the earliest) and you'll probably get away with wearing them in the field for a while.
  8. Although it's true to say that when the TA eventually get it, individual units will be able to choose which way to wear it.

    The memo will be sent round shortly.
  9. I think the plan is on for a swift roll-out to avoid mixed dress in units or individuals. QMs will all have the shelves filled, and when all are, everybody is issued in the same week/month/quarter.

    I have stopped buying anything for quite a while because I'm skint. But if I can't get it in olive, tan, multicam or MTP, I'm doing without.

    Who cares if boots are black? I don't think PCS looks wrong in black boots. It just more in keeping with tan boots. But what are the chances that the issued tan PCS boot won't be a load of ****? We'll probably be spunking our money on the latest model of overpriced brown lowas and altbergs, even magnums!
  10. I got mine last year for an exercise in France. It is not popular and looks a bit American scruffy. It is also bloody warm in the sun!!

    CS95 was warm enough in the sun, but at least you could roll the sleeves up. With this kit you can't. Dont be in too much of a hurry to exchange into MTP, its not all that it is cracked up to be.
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  11. When did the timetable (real or imaginary) state the roll out should have been completed?

    Only wondering, because your idea about selling off the Rifles is complete hoop.
  12. If you are so inclined, you can go to a DII terminal, type in MTP PCS into the search box and it will direct you to the (I think) Log Support homepage, where you can read the fielding plan in all it's glory.

    Some TA units will have it stores for issue to those on Op OLYMPIC - 3 PWRR being one of them.
  13. Roll-out for the rifles or PCS?

    Complete Hoop you say. Nothing that is complete hoop has ever come out of Main Building then?

    The decison on the rifles, if memory serves and as I was led to believe by a recently ex-SASC WO2, was that 3 different proposals were being investigated concurrently whilst the upgrade was actually being done by H&K.
    1. MOD plod to get the L98A2
    2. Or the MPGS
    3. Flog them to the highest foreign bidder and let the cadets use the L85A2, but only if they play nice and leave the change lever at 'R'

    Could be crap, but I did hear no.3 from another source.

    MOD plod and MPGS said no, unsurprisingly, and there were those in the Army who werent too keen on giving 13 year olds that much firepower or weapons they might not give the most professional love and care for. So we got the unwanted ginger stepchild of the IW family back again. But this time its turned out to be a success.

    But honestly, I was surprised it was ever issued. I thought the beancounters at the MOD would have said : Use the L85A2 on 'R'. Sell off the L98s!
  14. MoD Plod and teh MPGS are BOTH issued the L85 A2. This has been the case since before the L98 A2 was proposed. Quite why either would 'down grade' to the L98 I don't know. Both the MoD plod and MPGS were issued the L85A1 too.

    The L98A2s were not stored, they were converted and issued. There wasn't a Raiders of the Lost Ark style storage facility for the weapons. If the idea of selling them on was put forward, I assume it was only due to a massive intake of crack. No one wanted to buy the Automatic L85, so why would anyone want a single shot only version?

    Sounds like someone is talking alot of b0llocks.

    Do you really know the difference between the R and A settings?
  15. I think someone is spinning you a line here!

    The MDP and MPGS already had useable weapon systems. Why would anyone take the decision to remove a perfectly good weapon system and replace with a less capable one for extra cost?

    I would also find it very hard to believe that funding for a weapon conversion programme would be allocated on the basis that they did not know who the end user would be (as the numbers required would affect total costs for the programme) and the completed weapon might be sold in the future. That's pretty thin logic even for Puzzle Palace!

    LF did also say that Cadets can use the L85A2 on repetition mode anyway.

    On the other hand, it could well be that your rumour/theory is completely correct and was the result of some collective crack smoking by those who make the decisions.

    Let's face it, both are equally likely :)