Issue of Minimi LMG to Gulf Troops

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by error_unknown, Jan 31, 2003.

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  1. Has anyone got any gen on the issue of M249's to units in the gulf?

    Got 'em for Afghanistan but will we get 'em for this?

    Also, are PNG going to be issued on a larger scale?

    If not, why not ;D
  2. I ******* hope so mate, its an awesome shooter!   :D

    Also do think I might be able to get more than 4 mags?
    Oh no thats right, some brass cheeser decided 4 will do just fine!   :mad:
  3. Unfortunately it would appear that LMG is not to go on general issue for GW Pt 2.
    As for desert kit, we have been assured it is to be issued to F ech first. Clearly this is bollocks.  Expect to see APOD weasel kitted out desert sytlee, as you descend the gang-plank / air ladder in theatre in greens.  The weasel hold on kit is disgusting.
  4. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Not unusual to hear of REMFs keeping the goodies for themselves.  On Op GRAPPLE, we deployed in late summer with the promise of Arctic kit later once things cooled down.  Funnily enough it never arrived, but on going on R&R in January (30ft snow drifts, etc.) we got to Split, where in contrast the weather was sunny, to find BRITLOGBAT decked out in the Arctic Ish (Arctic smocks with sleeves rolled up if you please).  Also, when the Sun ran a 'write to a squaddie in Bosnia' thing, the fat idle buggers opened all the mail as it arrived and filtered all letters with fit birds pictures in, leaving only the mingers and unknowns to get to the F Ech.  Expect similar treatment in GW2.
  5. Still no sign of M249, but things aren't so bad as there has just been a large increase in the number of GPMGs which have now been made available.  In fact one per section, which isn't too bad when you couple it with a 30mm and a (when it works) chain gun.  Stand-by Yousuff! 1BIT inbound.

    Also, anybody else out there thought about prompting their QMs to provide streamers for the IWs.  Probably handy if we have to do any FISHing out there / clearing bunkers at night (although I suppose the 'light' given off by WP may sufice for that - and any other side-effects it may well have).  Or are they simply limited to NI?  If you think they'd be useful (I know my gang is looking into the possibility), ask your friendly QM.
  6. Is ne1 bothering with the LSW, or are we gona do the afgan thing and incorporate it as half way to a sniper rifle??? possiblity if theres enough GPMGs/minimis to go round - ne thorts
  7. That's the plan with my gang I believe.  As there're not enough L96 for snipers and sharpshooters, in all likelihood, they will get the much maligned (but highly accurate) LSW (which was always the no2's complimentary weapon anyway). But maybe that's just us?
  8. You will probably find that they go to/remain with 16AA who lack the firepower that you have.

    Remember that you have to carry the LMG and the extra ammo  !
  9. From an ex squaddie!
    Just to let you all know.... All ACF and CCF units have had there LSW's taken away, so they can be used elsewhere???????

    If it gets any worse you can have our Cadet JP's as well.................
  10. The scarey thing is, once the A2 has been issued to all UK Forces the cadets get the A1, I left the away from the A1, and now I get it back!, but at least we can have BFA's on weapons and teach the fight through.................... ;D ;D ;D
  11. whats the bettint the crabs in theatre all have deserts and the rock apes will be running round armed with minimi's L96's an Gpmg's.

    btw is the L115 the .338 lapua magnum version of the L96 on issue yet?
  12. Ref:-
    btw is the L115 the .338 lapua magnum version of the L96 on issue yet?

    When I spent some time with the RM they had it for sniper course......... so that means.......... that it isn't on issue yet!!!   ??? 8)
  13. Word is that we are getting the German MG3 (MG42 in 7.62mm) soon.
    Watch this space as they say.... ;)

  14. Excellent news  :D Certainly far more accurate than the Minimi
  15. As you descend the gang plank.... ie - this guy/girl will already have been in theatre for a month or more, and will certainly have spent more time in green kit in theatre than you will.... but hey. why bother stopping to think for a minute when you can whinge about someone else instead.

    As a matter of interest, who do you think will NOT get priority for NVG, any form of LAW or up to date NBC equipment?  Those same capbadges working in a BSG which, if you get your nose out of your regimental a##e long enough you'll realise will spend much of their time forward of probably 2 out of 4 BGs in a bde at any given moment in time...

    Who last time actually sustained casualties caused by En action rather than friendly fire? Funny old thing, but excluding SF majority were among A2 echelons and BSG troops moving up through areas that had been bypassed....

    Just for the record, we also get p*ssed off at the lack of kit, or the budgetry idiocy which sees Temperate NBC suits still being procured (in preference to sandy versions of same) in large number despite the fact that there's no viable BATTLEFIELD NBC threat anywhere in Europe whilst nothings available for the gulf region because it clearly wasn't a priority....