Issue "Man Bag" NSN

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by take_me_to_the_candy_shop, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Does any body know the NSN of the issue "man bag" please?
  2. Does anyone even have a picture of it? Not seen it yet!
  3. Man bag ?

    Is it the new ressy sac ?
  4. After 20+years in the Army, it is rare to find a term that I not only do not know the meaning of but have actually never heard before.

  5. Is there one on issue? I thought they were all rip-off private purchase items. Am I wrong [as usual] ?
  6. This is what you want

    NSN 6515 99 009 4663

    a very strong bag with lots of protection

  7. Ha Ha Ha Ha the devil makes work for idle hands mate :wink:
  8. Please, no. Man bags, even combat ones, are gay as fcuk. Lots of people buy 'em at the weekly Jingly Market in Bas Vegas though. Nonces all!!!
  9. i am still none the wiser
  10. Any piccies of it?

  11. I believe that you may be talking about this, the Claymore Satchel


    They became a popular accessory for 3 Para’s officers on Herrick IV.
  12. For those not in the know...

    You are now issued with so many mags, they all do not fit in the webbing, and anyway apparantly take too long to grab and dump during the "lead exchange" that goes for "careful aimed shots" in the green zone...

    The latest trend is to carry your collection of mags in a "man bag" - originally recycled Claymore pouches...(still the best..) as reported above.

    As I understand it, a UOR has gone in for a buy of these items - there is probably not an NSN for them and they are only available in theatre...
  13. It all makes sense now!
  14. Gucci grab bag.

  15. normally loads on EBAY. but expensive for a bit of canvas.