Issue magnums - not bl**dy waterproof!!

Might just be me but I got a pair of magnums from the Clothing Stores man and they bloody things wet water in!!! What good is that? Have I got a duff pair?

No chance of an exchange, it was a back door job :)

Anyone else had this problem? I've tried leather sealant, and as a last resort, polish :)

Back to issue combat boots!
Magnums! As in the one's with dirty great big fabric sides? Or are they issuing leather one's now?
Magnums are and always have been cr@p, good only for cadets. They're comfortable to wear around the office, however they provide very little support; the CAB is much better, and for those who have dough to blow, Lowas.
The problem is often the fabric, so no quantity of Kiwi will solve it. You could try MVP liners or sealskinz...
got a waterproof pair of magnums good for cycling as you can tuck waterpoofs into them but sod all use if you want any sort of support.
not a walt my twin gave them to me :twisted:
there only really good for bimbling about in anyway waterproof or not
whats wrong with issue boots, mine are lovely, waterproof, warm and comfortable?

Althought I heard a rumour that girlies are being issued Lowas instead! My SSM may have just been yanking my chain on that one!
Women ARE getting a new boot, something about your WEB TOES?. Seriously you are getting new boot, consult this months soldier mag, it has a piece in there explaining the reasons
Magnums are not sold as being waterproof so why would you expect them to be!

I think they may do a Goretex version. If yours are a gore tex version and they leak then you have a valid complaint. If not you have not.

Magnums are best kept indoors anyway. I do not subscribe to the Magnums are shoite theory. They are great for what they are designed for which is NOT tabbing, field work, or extreme conditions.
Apart from having a basic spec to have water resistant leather Magnums are not bought to be waterproof. They are a lightweight patrol boot with the emphasis on light.

They are issued for ops as a second pair for base troops and for combat troops so they have a very lightweight boot as a change for the Lowas or Miendls.

The version 2s which have better breathability around the ankle and a slighty stiffer sole (to stop 'print through' or sharp stones hurting your feet to most of us!) are about to go through their final trials on ops.

There are significantly fewer compliant s about these boots than almost all the others despite the big numbers being procured. A fair proportion of units specifically ask to have them issued.

That said if you want to carry heavy loads, stay waterproof or tab miles into combat then why would you use them? Horses for courses etc etc


Run_Charlie! said:
it was a back door job :)

Anyone else had this problem? I've tried leather sealant, and as a last resort, polish :)
Hmm... interesting 8O

And about the boots - buy some Lowas you cheapskate!


Are you sure you want waterproof boots? My experience is that waterproof boots cause more problems than they solve because they don't 'breathe' (even the Gore-tex ones), sweat can't escape from them and you wind up with something like trench foot if you wear them for extended periods. They also stink like shit after a while. And if they do get wet inside, which they inevitably will because water goes over the top, they're very hard to dry out.

Personally, I prefer lighter boots which dry quicker. When its seriously wet, gaiters stop them from getting too sodden.

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