Issue magazines v purchased magazines

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by amareus, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering if anybody knows if buying and using our own magazines for the SA80 is something we are allowed to do??

    Got my eye on some magpul EMAG mags, and at $23 each I would rather know before I go buying them and then rock up on the ranges with them and get a gripping!!

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated,

    Many thanks,

  2. I wouldn't suggest having an ND whilst using them.
  3. Why not just use the very light poly mags with the mag pulls you will get issued when you deploy and save yourself £230 on magazines?
  4. For a moment i thought the OP was on about "kit", "soldier" and regimental those are issued!
  5. You'd be chuffed to NAAFI breaks if you spent 230 sovs on magazines and then gave them all away...
  6. Emags are the same ones as issued!

    I prefer FHM.
  7. sadly I don't get issued the emags. standard solid metal construction ones are all I get. And to be quite frank, I don't like them, I would rather have my own magazines to eliminate problems with the feed, had more stoppages than I care to remember caused by a buckled top on an issued mag thats gone un-noticed on loading and caused nothing but problems later in the day. I wouldn't be buying ten of them, certainly not all at once anyway, only four to start with which would then be added to over time.

    Anyway, if they are the same as the issue polycarb mags does that mean that buying my own EMAG's would be something that is allowed and I could safely avoid a range supervisor or SAA instructor issued bollocking?
  8. Your going to be fun during a resupply on a live fire ex.
    "We need 12 full mags for 1 sct."
    "Piss off, I payed £20 each for these."

    Why buy that sort of stuff, they give it to you. Most people i know have never had a problem with issue mags, well not the new ones anyway.
  9. the old magazine weren't replaced because they didn't work they were replaced because the plastic ones are lighter and cheaper! nothing wrong with the HK magazines! exchange them if they are damaged!
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  10. You'll only get e-mags when you mobilse, I'm a kit tart and I wouldn't buy magazines, as already mentioned you have an ND on the range and you're screwed.
  11. The new plastic light weight mags you get issued, with optional mag pull rubber ends, are all you can possibly need, and there is a shed load of them out in theater. If you *need* magpul because you think your job will get that kinetic then you definitely don't want to be spending £15 per mag on your own ones, just get all the mags you need when you deploy.
  12. If you are getting stoppages and have admitted you've noticed the magazine is damaged then get it exchanged. A fool and his money
  13. Only a cock would spend that kind of money on issue kit
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  14. As long as the magazine is sleeves down and untucked mate you'll be fine. ;)
  15. You can't do this unless you're in the HAC.