Issue Lowa type boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. anyone have these? any good? who makes them? etc etc

    Regards Cardinal
  2. I've got a pair and they are very comfy. Wore them in Poland in our re-inactment of the Somme exercise and did what you expect a good boot to do. Good bit of kit
  3. are they available commercially? and who makes them?

  4. They are the new issue pro boots if i remember correctly. Just stick Pro Boots into Ebay and you should get a few results.

    I don't know who the manufacturer is though.
  5. If you are having problems with your feet you can get them or Altbergs issued through the sysytem if they are recommended by a specialist. It's a convoluted process but here goes;

    You must go sick with your feet (make sure you take them with you :D ). the doctor will make an assessment and may referr you to a specialist. If the specialist decides that run of the mill issue boots are a problem then he will give you a chit stating that you require Altbergs etc. You then take the chit to the clothing storeman, he faxes it off to Bicester requesting the boots. Bicester fax back giving the storeman a non availability form. this give the QM authority to draw funds from the RAO and take you shopping to get your boots. After purchase you will presnt your boots to the clothing storeman who will bring them to account on UNICOM. There are a few people in my unit who have done this. Please also remeber to support the system by submiting a clothing defect report if necessary.

    Easy peasy
  6. Yanks make some nice boots, although Matterhorn Orions are a bit narrow towards the toe.

    I have a pair of Altberg desert boots so am only looking for a boot for cold wet conditions.

    Highlander do a piar of boots similar to Lowa's but much cheaper. Webtex do a copy but I have no idea what they are like.

    Pro Boots were made by Brittons but have now closed down I believe, but then I was never very keen on them anyway. I found a couple of pairs of the new issue Lowa type boots but have no idea who makes them.

    I looked at a pair of Altberg Defenders in Catterick but they dont have much cushioning in the sole.

  7. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've used them for 7-8 years now with absolutely no problems - especially as Altberg do re-soling now. As with all boots, get a good pair of inners and you are away.
  8. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

  9. Cardinal, don't even mention webtex & highlander in the same sentence as 'boots'; they are shite.

    Get a pair of Meindls - very comfy, very warm & very hardwearing. £130 from most decent boot shops.
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  11. Cardinal, in answer to your question the 'Lowe' type boot is one of the Cold Wet weather boots on issue.

    If you need a cold wet weather boot issued you might get a 'Pro Boot' (its not a Pro-Boot (out of business?) and its made by the same people who make the CABs and some desert boots). Or if it happens to be in stock you could get the 'Lowe' look alike. Depends what's in the stores... ahh the agony of choice for the storemen!

    I'll tap my sources to see if you can get them commercially (they are made specially for the MOD but there might be a civvy version). Alternatively you could just wait and get some issued in time.

    Far be it from me to say that you should buy equipment rather than get it issued but if I was paying £60+ for a Lowe copy I'd pay the extra cash and go for the real thing. Lowe are a great make but remember... try them on for a good 20 mins in a shop, your feet and the Lowe foot might be different!