Issue Kit vs Non-issue kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by barbs, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. Just heard (yes, typical ARRSE moment) that there is a TA soldier serving in the sand who wants to wear issued US body armour because he thinks it is better, but the Chain of Command are insisting he wear issued Brit armour.

    In NI we were only ever allowed (by our CO) to wear issued kit - and by that he meant CS 95, chest webbing and issued boots.

    Now I have no problem with the Army insisting he wear it, but where does that mean the line is drawn with regards issued kit?

    Would PAX pay out?
  2. Pax might pay out, but the MoD probably wouldn't. Any claim would be severly reduced by the Judge on the grounds of contributory negligence.

    It's the same principle as being issued steel toe-capped boots, opting to wear your trainers then dropping something sharp and heavy on your foot. You could still sue you employer but you claim would be reduced on the grounds of contributory negligence. See the new Health & Safety DVD "At Waht Cost?". It features 3 stories of people who had avoidable accidents and had their claims reduced because of the part they played in the accident.

    Sorry to go off thread bu not wearing seatbelts when travelling in minibuses is a classic. The driver and front seat travellers buckle up but the law requires all the others to as well. Expect any compensation to be reduced by 25-30% if you have an accident and you're not wearing a seatbelt. This is as well as any potential legal criminal action for breaching the Road Traffic Act.
  3. What utter bollocks!!! His Co is a prat. In the field if it works you should be allowed it..on parade different story naturally, but when you're in a dangerous situation you should be allowed to use whatever makes life easier and more comfortable for you!!! And he should just do it anyway..its amazing what you can do as long as you dont draw attention to the fact that you're doing it!!
  4. If he is that keen to wear it the way to do it is keep quiet and wear it under a cover which is brit patern DPM. If he gets shot and it is proven that the us body armour he was not allowed to wear would have saved him I am confident the MOD would be on a hiding to nothing in the compensation stakes