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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by smudge_re, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. I am soon to attend TACC and while i'm sure it will say in my joining instructions i'd like to know what the stance is on issue and non-issue kit.
    Is issue kit required only for inspection?
    What's the deal on softies etc?
    And my biggest pain is not knowing about boots. I only have one pair of issue boots (and one pair of pro-boots and one pair of lowas) do i need more pairs of issue boots or are pro-boots etc ok on exercise?

  2. my advice - read the joining instructions and then phone to confirm.

    when i went (albeit in 2001) my joining instructions clearly stated OGs were to be taken, with absolutely no mention of S95 kit. so did my muckers, verbatim. on arriving, we discovered we had been sent the wrong joining instrucions and that OGs were NOT to be worn, only S95. Result .. we shared the 2 sets of 95s i had taken in my car (for just such an emergency) - 1 set each for 3 weeks, sweet!!!

    good luck
  3. You should have 2 pairs of issue boots. Did the SQMS con you into signing for 2 boots (one left, one right) instead of 2 pairs?
  4. It chiefly depends on the DS and their attitude to kit. For instance in my platoon we were told that we would have to use issue sleeping bags and in the other the DS where much more relaxed with regard to non-issue kit. My suggestion would be to bring all your issue kit with you as well as your non-issue uber-gucci kit and store that in your car and use when necessary. Its a faff admittedly but that's the factory for you.
  5. Take the issuse stuff and your gucci stuff .They might let you use it might not.
  6. Thanks guys. I shall look into that second pair of boots.
  7. take as many issue t shirts as you can get hold of. you use two or three a day and you are not allowed to use any others, it came as a shock when arriving with just 3 (and 8 other ones totally useless)
  8. The rule we had was: in barracks: issue kit only, one exercise: any kit you wanted.

    Changes with the DS though so take ALL issue kit and then gucci as extra.

    Go with 3 pairs of boots if you can (one drill, one barracks, one field/running up the wishstream)

    Beg borrow and steal C95 shirts/trousers as well. Time between command tasks and getting wet and having to be presentable in a lesson or on parade is minimal so having lots of ready to go pre-ironed kit is a winner.
  9. TACC = TA corporals course ?
  10. msr

    msr LE


    Sadly it is the Commissioning Course - if it was a Cpls cse, no doubt there would be none of this **** retentiveness,,,

  11. Can't help with the kit - other than second the idea of using the car as a spare wardrobe - but good luck.
  12. Smudge

    I am at RMAS tomorrow and will confirm how Dettingen Coy feels about issue/non-issue kit.

    However, as a guide, you should wear only issue kit when working in the Academy. You will find that that is likely to be a mix of CS95, lightweights and/or your new 'Blues'. Wear isse boots with these at all times unless directed otherwise by the DS.

    If you are going on to the training area or assault course for exercises, you should be alright with non-issue kit. I will sound a warning here though - do NOT show up with a non-isse smock or any other item that is in clip order. Any non-issue kit should be serviceable and by that I mean cuffs not shredded, pockets torn and patched, etc. I would suggest to you that a good sense check is to consider what kind of an example you will set your soldiers both in camp and in the field....and after some considerable years experience of commaning TA soldiers in the UK and on operations, they are not impressed by scruffy looking officers.

    PM me if you want any further information
  13. Are these supposed to be issued? A serious question as it was not on my initial kit issue list as far as I remember.
  14. I assume you are issued the dog-eaten, multi-patched windproof and your iron is confiscated on passing the TACC?
  15. As i've said on here before, everyone who comes out of the factory is anally retentive... they give you so much food, and no time to digest it. :lol: