Issue item VS commercial item

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by surefire988, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Issue item VS commercial item

    Greeting to All,
    I am new here, I am not serving in any military but i am very interested in the army!

    I got some questions hope you guys in the army, will don't mind to tell me so i can learn more!^^

    I see there are may issued gear(for instance, the PLCE 120L bergen) got replicated under come commercial brand (e.g. Web-tex, UK Kombat, etc), also some fo the "non-issue" gear (e.g. the 135L bergen by Web-tex or those webbing pouches by Pro-force), the they claimed their product are build for the military.

    So here it come the question:

    1. I though the issued item were produced by the government contractor under no brand name, is it? Or it is actually supplied by one of those commercial manufacturer?
    2. Do you guys allow to use these commercial items on the field?
    3. If this is allow, does many people using these item supply by these commercial manufacturer?
    4. How's the quality? Issue better or commercial better?
    5. Do you guys have any allowance to purchase these item or it simply you pay your own additional commercial made gear?
    6. Since you guys can have issue item for free, what make you go to purchase these commercial item?

    Hope these are not too much to ask. ^^

    Thank you all in advance for your advice and opinion! :D
  2. Are you Chinese?
  3. Correct, you can tell from my bad English huh? :x
  4. I've seen English like that in the instructions for a cheap DVD player that I almost bought.
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  5. OK Boys, be prepared for future spamming of equipment sales! This is what they call market research! No subterfuge; goes straight at it!
  6. No... don't get me wrong, i am not going to sell you guys anything.

    I'm just curious because i am trying to buy a PLCE 120L rucksack set with rocket pouch plus the yoke, and I am kind of hard to decided should i go for a used issue one or a brand new web-tex one. So i post here and see if i am getting any luck to have some tips here. That's all.
  7. I love the smell of mawket leesush in the morning!
  8. I thought he was Cornish, to be honest.
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  9. I would go issue
  10. Isn't it usaually the other way around? Squaddies buy their own (commercial) kit because it's better than the issue stuuf in some cases, and eventually MOD get the message?
  11. Unless you are buying this for military use, don't bother. If you are buying this for DofE or anything like that, buy a proper civilian rucsac - it will do the job much better.
  12. Save your cash & stay clear of webtex, you'll thank me in the long run.

    while your at it join your local Army cadet Unit or TAC, you'll learn more there, which one will depend who's got the biggest amount of walts.
  13. Tbh, Issue kit is better than commercial for one good reason. Its not out to make money: thus generally of higher spec and better construction, I indicate here to Web-Tex, and other atrocities. That not withstanding, there are some pretty shite examples of issue kit, so its more a balance of the stuff you get issued vs. commercial stuff. Not all commercial stuff need be military-style either. Simple stuff like a packet of wet wipes for when you get too minging you can't even stand your own stench/someone important is coming and it is in your interests not to smell like a rutting billy goat. The balance is individual to each soldier, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, notably, every once in a while your issue kit gets replaced. Which is kinda hard to do with that feck-off ally arktis vest you bought and it getting a bit threadbare..
  14. Once the contract has been won, any good commercial organisation will try to reduce the cost per unit item so that they can maximise their profit. Some do this by reducing the quality of the materials and construction, hoping that not too many people will complain, and that they can make a fast buck. Commercially available items are subject to more individual scrutiny than bulk issue gear, so the manufacturers know they can't afford to cut so many corners in the commercial sector.
  15. If we are purely talking about the Bergen, then I would go with the issue one if you want something that will last for ever and a day, can be thrown into the back of vehicles, kicked out the same vehicle, hosed down once in a while and will not have stitching pulling out. If you do go for one, you have two size choices, long back and short back. If you are of the same stature as most Chinese, then go short back.

    If your bergen is going to have an easy life, some of the non issue ones have better padding/fit.