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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walting_matilda, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. What is the size of a sml/med/ lge helmet in terms of beret size?

    For example: 58 head - Med Helmet?
  2. A small helmet should fit you; you'll probably still need to yank the thing at the back tight to stop the wobble.
  3. I used a 58 as a med cos that is my helmet size lol just wanted to know what the other sizes are.
  4. I have a 57 beret and a large helmet (fnar fnar!)
  5. XXL is a size 87 beret... Hope this helps
  6. people actually have size 87 berets?!

    my waist is barely 87cm!
  7. Surely there should be a size matrix:

    Small =

    Medium =

    Large =
  8. it's true. regadless of size, all the chinstraps are half a mile too long.

    i have a forehead like frankenstein and I still need to pull the half the chin strap through the back buckle
  9. Just get the largest helmet you can, then stuff it with as many first field dressings as you are able for comfort during those long, long.... long tabs in training. When you eventually get into combat you can then think yourself extraordinarily lucky not to have to worry about having to apply extra dressings in that area if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a headshot.

    (that's what my instructor told me anyway ... so therefore it must be true!)

  10. Guys,

    Enjoying the bant but can I get a real answer?
  11. Beret 59cm

    Lid size Mk6 and 6a, size large. (Allegedly the sizing is different or RTMC are full of poo)
  12. And I would say that a 55 and below would be a small?
  13. It doesn't matter what size your beret is you should try on the helmet and wear the one that fits: the logic here is that the thing should fit you, not just fit some mannekin. Beret rims are more flexible to your headshape than a helmet liner is.
  14. i heard that filling it with FFDs makes it sit too high on your nonce and not do its job properly!
  15. Why does an acf chappie need a ballistic helmet ?