Issue Green Belt

You at your new location? Nip onto camp and ask the clothing store, it's only a roll of webbing and a couple of buckles and it's usually free. Better than paying out on Fleabay.
Nope I'm not at my new location, I'm between Phase 1 and Phase 2 and in my haste to pack I've f*cked myself right over and lost my belt. Not reporting to Phase 2 for 8 days and my packing list says I need the belt so I'm trying to buy one.
I wouldnt worry about it; didnt you know that they wear CS95 untucked at Phase 2 now, so you'll get away with no belt. Its something about preparation for MTP or something.
58 pattern belt was for SNCO's & WO's ONLY in the 90's! A trooper / Private wearing it would have been shot!
Should have gone HCMR, for some insane reason, we didn't wear belts! Just Coveralls and an Forage hat! Always fun for a laugh when I was HCR watching all the guys who'd come from HCMR going on first parade and forgeting their belts!

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