Issue Gonk Bag

I've got my hands on one of the lightweight issue gonk bag and ust wondering how it fares during the autumn/winter in the shiitier parts of the UK that we train in?
Or alternativly find out beforehand so I don't have a cold night.

Its a desert one Fall.
Fallschirmjager said:
Fuck me. I wouldn't use a desert dossbag in summer here never mind autumn and winter! They're shite mucker, honest. 8O
Yep they are fine for Belize or Afghanistan in the summer crap for anything else.
Try sleeping in one in your house instead of a duvet and you will see what I mean.
Cheers for that lads, Otterburn will be a no-no then. :D

Might have to look "expensiver" for a gonk bag that isn't as big as the issue jobbie.
I remember when we took a Company from 82nd Airborne up to Otterburn in October time. Most of 'em just had their American poncho liners. That was a fucking funny week :D
Is the jungle number any better then?Or is it just as bad?
I’ve got a jungle and a desert – jungle issued for TELIC 4 (pre-desert doss bag) and a desert from TELIC 8. Fine for kipping, pished, at a mates house. Fine in hot places (in fact, the whicking lining in the desert is great against the skin when it’s hot), but some of my blokes tried them in Otterburn during a monsoon and nearly died.
However, I once tried one inside the other and it was great. Maybe I’ve discovered a “modular “ approach. If so – I want my gems cash...
Every time i've been to Otterburn, i've taken my issue 6ft fart sack, Yep its bulky and heavier than Civvy versions, but feck me its lovely to climb into when every other fecker is gibbering in their wanKy softee's. And its got an inside pocket for the obvious love rag!
I may sound like an old fossil, but for performance/weight/bulk you cannot beat a down-filled bag. Before someone says , in a whinny voice, ' yeah, but they are useless when wet', get a grip of your admin. Any half decent soldier should be able to keep his doss bag dry, especially with gore-tex bivvys and Ortlieb bags. Check out Alpkit, a civvy company run by enthusiasts that does a great line in said down bags. Even do one in a faintly tactical colour, although they call is sage, or kelp, or similar.


I've used a jungle bag in the Fatherland in November time and was just about OK. I still use it year round, but I have a fleece liner with it now. Together they still take up less space than the issue bouncing bomb.

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