Issue Glasses.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Doc_Henry, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. What's the craic with the issue specs?

    Gay joe 90 style ? or have they seen the light and issue-ing wearable specs?

    Or would one be allowed to wear ones own specs at ITC Catterick?


  2. last time I asked it was “Joe 90” all the way and only for those who where going out on ops where entitled to an issue pair

    I seem to remember there was an article in the paper about 5 years ago about squaddies being bullied on ops for looking like a twat for wearing issue specs!
  3. gay joe 90's are what some of the lads are sporting.

    you can wear your own if you want though, as i do.
  4. You've been able to wear your own for many years now. As the others have said, service glasses are still of the "perverted rapist" pattern.

  5. That's most definitely the look I would prefer to achieve. :wink:
  6. I wear my issue specs regularly. And I am neither gay nor a rapist. Go figure.
  7. your south of closed ! :D
  8. Not only are the "joe 90's" crap to look at, mine weigh a ton on account of my prescription :x
  9. By issue I take it you mean those wonderful NHS spec, black rimed,goggles as worn so well by Austin Powers.
    48-24 FRAME UK ADCO
  10. When i was filling in the form for my respirator lenses i noticed there was a box on there for specs so i ticked that as well. Four days later they turned up and very handy they have been as well. They are better for shooting in than my normal ones as the lens is bigger plus if they get broken then the Army will get me a new pair.
  11. Anyone got any pictures of these beauties? Can only seem to find yank ones on the interweb.
  12. These are my "defence spectacles" as they are called!

  13. Aaaaah pure classics Only mine are a bit twisted on the left arm
  14. The ones shown might tend to fall off if you fell over, although they look OK. Perhaps the Army could supply its glasses with the flexible curved ends to wrap round the ear (sorry, I could not find a photo).

    I remember it used to be possible to get sports spectacle frames (by private purchase). These were secured by a thick elastic band. Unfortunately when you put them on, the frame twisted and the lenses fell out. Not recommended.

    Rant over, I'll get my coat.
  15. I was issued the curly ones instead of the "hockey stick" arms.