Issue first aid kit?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Do the armed forces get issued a first aid kit appart from the FFD?
  2. Not since we stopped wearing puttees.

    FA kits are issued for group taskings where appropriate, but not as an individual issue.
  3. Not in the British Army that I serve.... If your jobspec and quals require a first aid kit you are issued one by your formation and it is replenished when required.
  4. OK, is it common practice for people to buy one of their own or do most people think that the people who have them are sufficient?
  5. Stop dribbling and get to the point you mong, Why post riddles when you could just post.....

    "Can any body recommend an off the shelf first aid kit for my personal use on Ex/OP's or is it a better and cheaper option to buy items off the shelf and place within a small waterproof container, if so what items will I require "

    And receive some more serious interest? :wink:
  6. No I just wondered if most people bought them, thats all.
  7. Op Granby & Belize, '86 & '87, we got issued A Basic & Supplementry kits in Green plastic boxes & foil wrapped, not see them since.
  8. They still exist, but you have to be shagging a Med storeman to get one.
  9. Were these the individual med kits in small green boxes containing various pills etc??

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  10. I remember these, there were two of them in something that resembled a soap dish, vacuum wrapped in green foil.

    In answer to the original question, individuals can make up their own basic kit to keep in their webbing, but at Section/Team Medic level and above (CAP/RAP), med kit is arranged in Modules. If you look on the RAMC forum you'll get chapter and verse from some G4 Med log types.

    There is a difference between 'first-aid' and 'Med' kits - first aid kits are carried by the blokes and in vehicles/workshops/etc and Med kit is the issued stuff (modular) carried by trained medics. What is carried depends on the level of training of the medic and role of the 'team/formation' they are supporting.

    There is also a new type of FFD out now, which includes compression, which you would get two of on ops, plus morphine autojets (plus Med kit at section/multiple level).
  11. Thanks Goose. These are the ones I remember. Seem to remember some pretty strong stuff in them such as fortral etc.(Better for Vogelsang Training than Brufen!!!!). Not sure if these are still on General Issue due to recent drug legislation changes. Perhaps someone with the Med Add Qual or a Med Storeman can answer this? The originator should refer the post to the "Professionally Qualified" forum.

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  12. For clarity, as a First Aid Kit, the average Tom will get a FFD. That's all. (on Ops, you'll also get morphine, but this isn't a medicine and is essentially a noise-suppressant).

    As section or platoon issue, or in each vehicle, a first aid satchel will be provided. This often consists of little more than several FFDs or larger dressings.
    Obviously, this is of little help in the treatment of a blister or a hangover, so each soldier will have his own "Self-Treatment Kit," made up of bits purchased at his own expense.

    Be aware of the difference between "self-treatment" and "first aid." Your self-treatment kit contains the stuff to alleviate problems, allowing you to continue. First aid, by definition, is followed by professional medical treatment. That is, it is intended to keep you alive for a while, not cure you.

    If somebody is suitably qualified, they may have access to a medical pack, providing a greater level of treatment. Units that have people suitably qualified tend to assume that every other unit has a similar number of people suitably qualified. This isn't the case. This is why in First Aid lessons, you learn what you can achieve with FFDs and Triangular bandages (and sticks and bits of uniform and straps etc.).
  13. Yes, I was issued these on Granby. Binned most of the contents, and used for my model kit. Some of the medication was looked a bit iffy, And why did they put a 0.5 liter bag in it?
  14. It was/is a burns dressing for hand/foot