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Can someone detail how I could go about getting corrective inserts for the issue eye protection? I'm assuming that it is possible to do so as there is an extra slot in the nose piece of the sunglasses.
I'm not so blind that I couldn't fire my weapon at the enemy without, but every little helps...
You will need your eye prescription and then get it done through the med centre


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is it the ESS glasses or goggles you have? if all else fails, you can get them direct from ESS. ( I have a pair for shooting, theyre superb.)
did u get the prescription clip in lenses
WG100-the system to get the prescription inserts is a proverbial pain in the a**e however if you bear with it you should prove successful.
1. Get the inserts from your clothing store.
2. Visit med cen,get them to refer you to whichever opticians has the contract to provide eyecare in your area.
3. HANDOVER NO MONEY.The army is obligated to pay..see RAO to get bill payed.We had lads trying to get money back after paying the bill the usual red tape!!

System should take no more than 2-3 weeks to complete.

Take care where ever your going

WG 100,

The system is painless but there are some ********* in the admin chain that can make it difficult.

Go with the system and force it through. The issues ones are optically good and the unit is mandated to sort it out and should be telling you to get them not the other way around. But that’s only half the story. Ones done outside of the system are likely to be glass as it’s cheaper and easier to manufacture. The issues ones have high specifications behind them and are made of plastic that is shatter proof. Putting glass behind ballistic eye protection is not a good idea!
Try to sort it your self but if you run into speed bumps then PM me and I will flatten them out if I can.

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