Issue Desert DPM Shorts

Why is the material the Issue shorts are made from differant from the Issue trousers ?

The material the shorts are made from seems to be a better quality material so would it not be an idea to make the trousers from the same material as the shorts ?
I'll ask the experts the question but there is no 'better' material used on anything. Desert kit is 25% polyester and 75% cotton with a very open weave. It makes all the desert kit very breathable and as cool as possible but it does wear out quicker (that's why you get 3 or 4 pairs for a 6 month tour).

The temperate material is 75 polyester and 25% cotton with a close weave to give better wear and more weather protection.

Temperate material has been tried in desert kit after the troops said the normal desert kit wears out too fast. After 3 months they were complaining the kit was too hot and went back to the less durable but more breathable kit.

The latest versions of the desert kit which are currently on trial are made from desert material but have a reinforced backside and knees (which take a pad)
While your talking about pads Kitmonster the padding in the underarmour shirts I got last year wasn't secured so as soon as it was washed they fell out. Can it not be sewn in?
Tried that but some people want to take the pads out so removable they stay. The pads that are in both the UBACS and the latest trial versions of the combat suit have had no development. There is much better stuff on the market and we should be able to get new pads out to trial soon. The challenge is to make some thing puncture\cut resistant while also absorbing blunt force; all in a formed pad that is not too bulky to wear.

The French FELIN suit has fragmentation protection in the elbow and knee pads which has some benefits but is severely heavy and bulky and not likely to be accepted by troops in the desert; how ever it will be trialed I am a sure.
i never wash mine merely shower with it on then hang it, thought the pads might shift so glad i havent washed.

I'll be wearing this tmra out of sunny brize.... come on the sun!
On the subject of pads this was my modification I did on my Issue DPM Desert Trousers.
This may sound bizzare but it works very well so try it and see how you go.

Get some old desert DPM material and make pockets on the inside of the trouser legs. Just like the US Marpat Trousers.
Get two cheap mouse mats ( Yes Mouse Mats ) peel the top picture surfice off and you are left with two black pads.
Cut them to shape the same as the US inner Trouser Knee Pads and insert them into the inner pockets you have made.

You may take the wee wee but this does work very well and does not make the trousers hot with the new pads.
Hope this is of help to anyone pre- deploying or already on Operations. A very cheap and good modification
Kitmonster said:
Tried that but some people want to take the pads out so removable they stay.
Fair one but surely its less hassle for someone to remove the pads once than have to faff about everytime you wash the shirt. Could a bit of velcro sort it out?
There are the trousers made of the same material as shorts.

Some windprof trousers (trousers, combat, windpfoof, desert dp, NSN 8415-99-811-162x) are made of the same fabric, as shorts (shorts, combat, lightweight desert dp CAS 8405-99-131-586x).

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