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Issue Desert Boots

Desert boots... crap or not crap?

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I just purchased some desert boots (crazily cheap for Grade 1) and want to know the opinions of some of the people that may have worn them as to how good they are in hot sandy places - where I'll be going soon for LOTS of hiking.

Any insights would be most appreciated.

I had the desert magnums on Telic 3, awesome boots for me anyway, I know the new ones aren't seen to be as good, well not by my old troop anyway!
I had the desert magnums on Telic 3, awesome boots for me anyway, I know the new ones aren't seen to be as good, well not by my old troop anyway!
Ive been issued with two different patterns, Magnums and the ones before which didnt have a name- they were just basic pigskin style dezzies in high leg. Both were fine as long as you used a decent insole and (as with all boots) good socks. I still wear both pairs (not at the same time) when I need to work on the car etc. I did notice that i sweated less in the older pattern.
ace359 said:

I've got a bloody good pair (for supposedly G2) of these boots.
That site claims they are current issue but the picture is of the very old issue.

There have been a number of different boots issued. Currently there are two versions. I believe the infantry version is very good. The other Arms version is ok but not great.

The old DMS style sole version as shown in that link keep feet cool but are very hard underfoot.
The question remains.... what would cadets want them for? Is next years Ten Tors going to be over Safwan Hill or something???
I bought a pair from that site for summer rough shooting/bunny blatting as I suffer from sweaty plates at the best of times... pair of insoles and decent socks and can't fault them for light work. Admittedly I'm usually carrying no more than rifle/12 bore, a few rounds and other odds & sods and (hopefully) some tasty fluffy animals but they seem supportive over rough ground, ploughed fields etc. I'm even thinking about retiring the KSB's for the summer in their favour due to overheating.

Anyway, can't fault the company - I've bought bits & pieces off them in the past as I'm too skint/tight to pay for RealTree camo and the only thing that's a bugger is the fixed p&p which is heavy if you just want one bit of kit.
im in iraq now wearing the issue CAB's, the spanish ones

and they are indeed, turd

few lads have gone down with feet problems, blisters etc...dont seem to be able to breathe v well.. and ya feet get v sweaty

however i spoke to a few of the tankies in 2 RTR out here and they all got issued meindl's! cnuts

i ordered myself a pair monday so should be here soon :D
Chris_2oo6 said:
oh well after buying myself a pair of meindls, and gettin them posted to iraq

only to find out we're all gettin them issued over here

bloody hell boy

seems like yesterday you were asking stupid questions about this and that as you wanna join up,

now heres you all trained up and deployed! good on ya

Boots are very much an individual thing - about 10% will have problems no matter what the army issue.

I had all leather magnums for a Bosnian winter (got to -36 degrees) and they were brill, and got desert magnums for telic3 - they were an alright boot - but not fantastic.

hope your money is well spent, but im sure youll tell us if its not
The vote's not very well conceived. Fact is, some of the dessy boots are significantly better than others.

I have the Magnums and am quite relaxed about them. Apparently the Meindels are going general issue soon.

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