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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by siggie47, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. My son is off to Afghan in a few weeks. What are the latest issue boots like? Would it be worthwhile to buy him a decent American pair for Christmas?
  2. The carboard issue desert boots are crap though Meindl and Lowa are now being issued. If he has already signed for his full desert issue and only been issued the cardboard clogs then it's likely that's all he will get
  3. No, but you might want to buy him a nice comfy pair of Altbergs.
  4. Got a pair myself - thay are fantastic. I did however do a summer tour, the Altbergs i have are very lightweight but could have been a little cold for the winter. That said, the issued Meindl got the thumbs up from everyone who had them.
  5. Soldiers have complained about boots since time memorial
    I loved the issue boots - they worked for me .. I appreciate some people are different shapes etc
    as they say...if the army kit fit you you must be a 'mong'
  6. I was there Dec to June, no problems with cold feet during the winter. Just wore winter socks, then changed to the issue dessie socks when it got hotter.
  7. I got issued Magnums and had no probs at all. Like the others said everyones feet are different.

    Yank boots aren't all that in my opinion, Lowas or Altbergs are what you want. Just go to RVops they are a site sponser.

    RVops, I assume I get a cut for dropping your name in. No, fine.
  8. :D Many thanks guys, your help is much appreciated. :D
  9. Echo the Altberg and Lowas being excellent, issue boots have been crap for years, bar pro boots and 1 or 2 others, it does look like the latest issue kit is better though.