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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sheffielder, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. why do i still get blisters with boots ive worn forover a year? i have just completed my cmsr training at bassingbourn and as soon as i go on un even ground i get blisters, the boots in ? were worn each day for 4 months before cmsr for over 8 hours a day every day in a hope i would avoid this problem.any idea,s
  2. I sympathise. Decent hiking socks over twin layer liner socks, remembering to put a strip of plaster on the toe seam inside the liner socks. You may also need to add a thicker insole.

    The problem is with the grippers of the speedlace system - they lock the lace over the foot, but don't contribute to pulling the heel of the boot tight to your foot. Never had a problem with the older boots.
  3. Look at your 1. Insole, perhaps incorrect size, or may need replacement. 2. Your Choice of socks may be the issue, good thick Lambs wool are a great cushion. 3. Foot powder/ Talc', may be what is needed. 4 The boots may not have been properly "bedded in" when you were issued with them and haver taken a distinctly " un-foot friendly" final shape with time.
  4. i'll tell you why. Cos your a fanny thats why.
    All those years mincing around in trainers havent done your feet any favours. Soft as shite is what they are.
    Stop wearing trainers (unless its for sport) wear shoes and boots all the time. If you get blisters on your feet, piss on em when you shower.
    Do all this and you'll end up with feet a massai warrior would envy
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    msr LE

  6. I have always suffered from blisters and even more so from the latest issue boots that we get, I have tried everthing to soften them but my solution was to go out and get a pair of Lowa Mountain boots with my bounty.
    I now wear my issue boots in the TAC and on courses and Lowa's in the field.
    They are well worth the expence but check with your unit if you will be able to wear none issue boots as some units are **** about it.
    Also buy some decent socks that wick away moisture and keep your feet cool, (try Cool Max).
    I have just completed the Three Peaks challenge with new Lowas and not a blister in site and other team member who had issue boots on were the same, so its down to the individual to find what is best for them by way of experiments and other peoples experiences.
  7. It wasn't you with the 'trench foot' then? How you get that in a day I don't know!

    As for the blisters, surgical spirit and weeing on yourself is the key. Or you could get someone else to wee on you if you are into that kind of thing...
  8. You got hills down there? :)
  9. Why not wear lowa all the time. If your not a recruit you shoud get away with it, most troops in my sqn never touch issue footwear.

    But beware gortex lined boots can really f'ck with your feet. If your on the go for over 48 hour's (even with the best foot care regime) gortex can give you severe immersion foot.

    Okay toughen your footsies up with surgical spirit. Cotton wool wipe your feet with it. strips all the soft girly shite from your feet stops em stinking as well.

    Start walking around in bear feet as much as you can. basically its a case of soft as shite skin you've got to condition it.
  10. Atberg is a better boot....that all i'll wear!......lowas just a fad as were Matterhorn and all the rest before them....Mendal is a good combat boot you get what you pay for....
  11. My lowas have been the mutts nutts bar one tiny flaw. Because they are gortex they're not as breathable as a normal leather boot. Whilst I find it no problem in the wet (to be honest if your boots get water inside you're fcuked for days, issue or lowas) when the temperature is high my feet sweat too much and that's when I get blisters.

    I've known people swear by Altbergs, Lowas, Pro-boots and just the issue ones. It's all personal preference really based on your feet combined with a quality set of insoles, good socks and a footcare regime

    (recommend these as your insoles and your for socks always a good thick set and some people like a thin liner in addition)
  12. A good thick pair of socks is a great help, I've been doing a lot of TABBing lately and it does make a difference as long as you have a pair of well worn boots.
    Unfortunately some people seem to be more prone than most to blisters.
  13. Do you have hot spots on your feet? My feet are such that I put alot of pressure on one of the balls of my feet and my heel sticks out so I get blisters in those areas.

    If your blister is caused by hot spots then imo go get Scholl Blister Guatrd. They are basically super sticky plasters with a bit of padding on them. With them I have walked up to 40km in Full kit without blisters. Without them I would not last 8km.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    It really is about time the MOD realised that paying £15 for a pair of boots means that you are going to get 5hit.