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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dogman 2, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Good evening, my son joins up in june, and i was hoping to get him a pair of issue boots so he could get used to them.

    So could someone tell me what make the issue boots are. Also would he be able to wear non-issue boots during training ?, he currently has a pair of my altberg defenders.

    Thanks in anticipation, Rob
  2. Just search 'british army issue assault boots' on fleabay, plenty around and most at quite a reasonable price.
  3. Rob, in all fairness you should save your money, let your boy use the boots he is issued in training. I doubt very much he would be able to take a pair of boots (current issue or not) with him. It's not the "Army way". All recruits start out on a level playing field. It is a good idea to have him getting some mileage in the Altbergs however, as this will get his feet used to taking a bit of a hammering.

    Hope this helps....... DD
  4. Getting an issue set of boots worn in before hand is a good idea to me.......
  5. The boots I got issued at basic already had someone's name in! They still tore my feet up though so if I had been able to break my own pair in before I started, the first few weeks may have been a bit easier.

    Won't ever wear issue boots again though.
  6. Thanks for your reply folks, much appreciated.

  7. As long as your lad is doing a bit in boots and shoes before he joins up, he should have decent feet. Tell him to try and only wear his trainers down the gym!
  8. Thanks for that, we'd been doing this for a while, any other tips would be most helpful.

    Regards, Rob
  9. Loads of other information on this by using the search function.
  10. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Second the statement about not wasting your money.

    Chances are, his DS will tell him to get rid of any boots he takse with him and he'll be made to use the new, issue ones.

    Wear boots whenever possible and when in the house walk about barefoot to help toughen the skin up.
  11. what size is he i have a pair of 9M brand new
  12. let him griz it with the rest of his troop! and the list of kit they tell you to buy before rocking up dont take any of it...take an iron, boot cleaning kit, note pad and pen and 50 quid....i wasted alot of money buy the stuff on that list only to never use it and end up throwing it away
  13. The issued boots are horrendous but the DS at his basic will make him wear them no doubt, only way around it seems to be get a medical chit which he doesn't want to be doing during basic training. Get your lad smashing in the miles in his Altbergs, this will get his feet used to taking a hammering and he'll just need to crack on with issue boots when he gets there, atleast his feet will be slightly toughened up.
  14. There's nothing wrong with issue boots, mine are fine and have never had problems with them, but we're not all the same,the best thing about issue boots is that they are free and get replaced free of charge.
  15. I know a few of the lads who swear by them, But after I moved to Lowas I couldn't go back to issue boots. Like personal sleeping bags for your feet.