Issue Boots for Royal Marines / Commando Course etc

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stan2484, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. All, apologies for posting this question here but as I can't be arssed creating a login to Rum and Ration to ask a simple question on Issue boots, then I thought I would post here as I am sure I will get the answer I need.

    Right my lad is looking to join the Royal Marines (done and aced an assessment course at Lympstone) once he finishes college, now he has a few months to work on his fitness, and he was told by the PTI's down there the only areas he needs to work on a bit was upper body and carrying weight ie Tabbing or yomping as the booties call it.

    Now I am 10 years out so haven't got a clue what the issue boot is now, in my day it was the good old fashioned combat high, then we got Brit Boots to go to Bosnia/Kosovo.

    So can someone please let me know what the issue boot is for the Royal Marines? so I purchase a pair and get my lad tabbing in em, so he can break his feet and shins in and put some miles in his legs, prior to his Basic Training in the type of boot he will be wearing.

    Many thanks in advance for any relevant info?
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    The current issued boot is the assualt boot The Outdoors.

    I'd imagine your local army surplus would stock them. Get decent socks and insoles whilst you're there.

  3. Thanks for the info much appreciated, yep as a former Combat Med Tech for 13 years I understand the requirement of good socks etc!!! TincBenz'd a few blisters in my time!!

    Cheers again.
  4. If he's joining as a Marine, then he should get issued a brand new pair of boots to break in, once he's passed his PRMC.

  5. He has been down Lympstone for a weeks course organised by his college and passed all the physical tests he was set, not sure if this is the PMRC but he is off to careers office for a presentation and to sign up on the 12th December, (haven't a clue with the format these days in my day it was do the tests, pick 3 jobs in order of preference, Sutton Coldfield for a couple of days and an interview to tell you what you vacancies in chosen trades were, then date sent, and in you go!!)

    The purpose of the course was to get a score to fast track him through the recruitment process so hopefully that will be the case, in the meantime I just wanted to get some miles in his legs and his feet worn in so to speak before he gets into training, he may well get boots at some stage of the recruitment process but the earlier he gets going the better I feel.

    Thanks for all the info and comments.
  6. I wouldn't sweat it too much, he'll do plenty of boot work when he gets to Lympschwitz, he should get some boots issued prior to getting there.

    He doesn't seem to have done his PRMC yet. Unless there is a strange new route into the game. Is his future AFCO visit his first?
  7. Aye that will be his first visit to Careers Office, the course he did at Lympstone was organised through his college so dont know whether that included any discussions with recruiting staff.

    Thanks for all the info and comments, sure he will do ok as he is as fit as a butchers dog and being a former Junior GB Squad Judo player should do ok in the unarmed combat!!
  8. Stan, the course he's done is a 'look at life' course, he'll still have to do a PRMC when he joins up proper at the AFCO. As has been mentioned, he'll get a set of pusser's issue boots if (when?) he passes the PRMC.

    He'll have loads of time to break them in as manning in the Corps is brimmers at the minute, and going off feedback from Lympstone, the waiting list for new lads to start training is upwards of 6 months from a successful PRMC pass.

    Most important thing I can say is get your lad to break them in, maybe go for a few bimbles in them, but DON'T have him out cracking runs etc.. in boots. The start of his 32 weeks will slowly build him up to that stage, his first 9 weeks of phys will be almost solely in trainers. But again, he'll get all this advice when he passes PRMC.

    All the best,