Issue boot problems - help required

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Appologies to MSR and others if this has been dealt with before elsewhere but I am having a few problems with my issue boots not fitting properly and giving me jip (I have had my gait analyised and have pronating feet apparently). I have heard mention on other forums that non issue boots can be 'prescribed' and paid for by the army if you have a doctors note etc.
    A) Is this correct and,
    B) What is the process please.
  2. To get non issued boots you will need to see a physio, who will write in your notes that you need a certain type of boot.
    The Doc then writes you a chit, allowing you to get 2 pairs of boot.
    This is where it can go tits up, I have been at two units that do it differently.
    Take the chit to the QM'S they can either order the boots through the system or the other system is, the PRI can order them and the bill is paid by the med board via the pay office.

    It can be a nightmare but don't get fobbed of by people not wanting to do a bit of graft.
  3. Most people either overpronate or underpronate, this isnt usually an issue unless you are running, not something thats recommened in boots.

    I know of one person who managed to get lowas ( I think ) through the system however she is a stunning blonde

    Exactly how do your issue boot bother you ?
  4. 8) Just PM'd you on this. Thanks
  5. Both my pairs of issue boots; apart from not fitting around the heels (width, not Length) and rubbing like a b!tch are giving me the same problems with my calfs' that I was with my old running shoes. I've tried the usual stuff of heel inserts to narrow the boots at that point and decent insoles but neither of these methods have worked unfortunately.

    EDIT: As for running, I hear what you say but a) Our PTI's like 'combat pt' and b) I need to train for my AACC which requires doing all runs/ marches etc in boots. Plus; I am very much old school in that we go to war in boots and should train, as much as possible, in what we will be deployed in/ with.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Simply nipping to the RMO may not be the solution to your problems either.

    I had a set of Altbergs made for me after a fitting at the factory in Richmond, and they still had exactly the same problem of my heel moving around within the heel cup. I ended up giving them away as one step removed from useless for me, but absolutely perfect for the mate i gave them to.

    Over the years I have tried all sorts of boots, and have settled for Hanwag as the most comfortable for me.

    So what? Just getting a chit for Lowa/Hanwag/Altberg is not the answer. You first need to find out which of these are going to be best for you. Sadly, a lot of this is trial and error, and your QM is not likely to give out chits for GBP 100+ pairs of boots while you try this. Because you are rejoining the TA this is even more unlikely due to the high turnover of TA recruits.

    You may be certain that you are going to stay the distance of CMS(R), but the QM is likely to have a healthy degree of scepticism.

    I would suggest you carry on experimenting with insoles, socks, and more importantly carefully breaking them in, rather than just holding out your hopes for the system to come good for you.
  7. Good sound advice on all of that. Boots are broken in properly however and still no joy. Funnily enough, the old style issue boots never gave me a moments problems....ah, nostalgia isn't what it used to be :roll: (by the way, I can heartily reccommend Effax leather balm to soften and waterproof leather boots!!!! wish I'd discovered this years ago when I was last in)
  8. I'm going through the process at the moment, oldcolt.
    Since I joined, I have had nothing but problems with the issue boots. I have lasted until now without kicking up a fuss, as I didn't want to sound like a whinger as soon as I joined.
    Even just wearing them on a drill night gives me blisters and chaffed toes, and after CFTs my feet are completley messed up and look like someone has attacked them with a knife. The only difference experimenting with insoles and sock combinations has made for me is perhaps making the boots blister my feet in a slightly different area.

    I spoke with my SPSI, who has booked me in to see a MO, and from there get a chit to say I cannot wear issue boots. However, I am not trying to get my boots paid for - as out of sheer desperation I went and ordered a pair of Lowa Combat boots, which came Tuesday.
    The difference, for me, is astounding. And although I have not tried any other boots than Issue ones or these Lowas, I cannot reccomend them more.
    As I said, they came tuesday, so I decided to wear them for the drill night to break them in a bit. The first thing we did was pt in uniform, and requiring no breaking in whatsoever - I was running around feeling light as a feather and being amazingly more manoeverable then I ever have in issue boots. What's more, when I got home it was the first time in months that I hadn't had to see to my feet or think about plastering them.

    That's my tuppence worth anyway.
  9. As long as you still have the receipt for the boots you bought there is still a chance you could get your money back.
  10. If you can't wear issue boots for a medical reason you simply go to either a physio or the MO and get a chit to that effect. Your QM/storemen then sends that to the IPT for Defence Clothing and Textiles and they send him back an authority to locally purchase suitable boots. It is nothing to do with your QM as the funding comes from higher up the chain. The recommended method is to then to go to Altbergs in Richmond and they will make you a pair of boots having taken the appropriate measurements etc. It can take up to 6 weeks for the boots to come through and you do have to make an appointment with Altbergs. Trust me this is the system (I am a QM) and did this last week for one of my TA soldiers and have done on several times before.
  11. :D Thanks for this and all the other helpful posts and PM's ive received on this. I'll let you know how I get on in due course :roll:
  12. Or in a certain unit who shall remain nameless - you pass the chit to the QM's only for some ********* BOWO to say no, bollox only when you go on Ops do you need correctly fitting boots, just get some cheap alternative crap from the NSN catalogue and jog-on.
  13. Had a phone call from Brigade HQ this morning checking what size AND BRAND boots did I require (what brand FFS)... I have a choice.... from the army?????!!!!!! WOW!!!!! :omfg: My new Lowa's arrive, allegedly, on Tuesday. Wait out! 8O
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Please can you put a wiki page together about this? I am sure you will not be the last ;)

  15. Speaking as a recruit instructor I'm astonished at how few people actually have their issued boots laced up in the correct manner. It does make a diifference; when I do the old show and tell, people seem to be amazed that their boots actually feel more comfortable ( and yes, MSR dude, I'll expand later. )