Issue Anti- Microbial Undershorts



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Are they any good and are they ok to wear in the field on UK winter exercises e.g tabbing etc ?

Cheers Ta
I couldn't stand them, but I knew lads who swore by them. I suppose they're like marmite, love em or hate em!
Dingerr, when you say it's like marmite, did you eat them?
No, They were my reserve rations and I was very professional across there and managed to survive without resorting to scoff my own hoop.
one of our lads fell into a burns pit a few months back. Only had shorts on and suffered some serious burns but he was wearing the issued boxers and his groin is undamaged.

I've found them good to wear in the heat. Went out in normal boxers one day and regretted it soon as I was on the ground, didn't make the same mistake twice
the 4 pairs I was issued for Herric 9 were great except the cut was absolutly bollocks. couldent use them as I got the mother of builders bums every time I sat down.
Unless it has been rectified, they need the back to be a lot higher cut.

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