Issue 1 Kit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by magicgrotter, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Guys due to get my issue one shortly.

    Any info on what is supplied?
  2. Issue One comes with a free binder to keep all your issues in, and builds up to make a wonderful collection over a 52 week period. Also, issue one is at a special price of 99p (usual price £3.99).
  3. You get your gun, your body armour and your 'plane ticket.

    Ooh, and make sure you ask them for gaiters too, they're really important.
  4. :clap: :clap: :clap:
  5. cbt 95 shirt x 2
    cbt 95 trousers x 2
    field jacket x 1
    green t-shirt x 2
    boots x 1
    useless saggy gloves
    long johns x 2
    huge fleece x 2
    silver shadows (trainers)
    long sleeves thermal t-shirt x 2
    socks x 2

    As far as a can remember this all comes in your first issue if kit!
  6. What ever you get half of it wont fit you. :D
  7. the other half you can throw away because it will be of no use and you will buy the better civvi version!
  8. Cheers guys, funny replies... well looks like the wallet is coming back out then!!!!

    I take it issue 2 is more of the same... only worse?!?
  9. Don't listen to kingburn, he'll have you buying sporks. :D

    Just use your issued stuff for now, until you've passed out then you can be a kit whore and buy shares in RVOps.
  10. Ahhhh... sporks. Too late just got one!!! Damn you Kingburn! :D
  11. The issue kit is fine. You'll get goretex as well as enough combats for the time being.
  12. mwahahaha sporks strike again! no the kit is good, i am not a kit whore at all, i would buy a softie if i could afford one because the issue fleeces are shit and no1 can disagree with that!

    however Mark1234 is very right, just use issues kit until you have passed out, you wont be allowed any non issued kit in basic training so....

    good luck
  13. By issue fleece you mean that thing that slowly tightens itself around your neck, determined to rub away any skin in its path.

    Echo the sentiments above, stick to the issue kit until you pass training, then you can by the odd bit to keep ypu comfy(gas stoves, boots and softies seem to be favourites)
  14. Cheers lads.

    Just to pick up on one point re not being able to use non-issue kit as a recruit.

    I've accquired a pair of Lowa combat boots, what are the chances do you reckon?
  15. Lowa boots? No chance, far too distinctive, you might get away with a pair of pro-boots though - I did!