Israels PMs daughter: Stop war crimes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mora, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. His daughter, Dana, who is a lesbian, has courted controversy by her participation in Machsom Watch, a group which monitors the treatment of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers at military checkpoints in the territories.

  2. I'll bet she gets grounded at least.

    Leo Blair could take a leaf out of her book. (Not on the war crimes front because we have not commited any but more of a 'stop fcuking HM troops around daddy' protest').
  3. We don't give a fcuk Mora. What's your opinion?
  4. you sound scared but thrilled, cunning trolls everywhere, with thinly disguised fishing trips, what is the hidden scheme this time?
  5. Whoops, you forgot to use poor english that time....
  6. :twisted:

    Jewish image in the English mind

  7. Mora - I am at a loss to know why you post half the topics you do and for what moivation. You are not endearing Israel to this board.

    Besides, who cares about a lesbian in Machsom? They are a waste of space.

    Mora - what was your (sherut sadir) service?
  8. Mora is actually an Islamist trying to use subtle propaganda to give us a bad opinion of Israel. By winding us up with constant news stories we're meant to eventually develop an hatred for all things Israeli.

    Well that sounds like the sort of thing Mora would post on this board anyway.

    I've watched this site for a long time before joining. I must say, Mora really winds me up, the posts are totally useless and pretty counter-productive. Please either 1. give an opinion, or 2. stop.
  9. I'd say it's poor. Not hyphenating thinly disguised and the failure to employ a semi-colon after the word thrilled and a full stop after the word trips is, to my mind, rather disappointing.
  10. i'm not for flattering israel's image, it is your task

    you're on something here
  11. Please take into note the second line. I should have made it a bit clearer.
  12. If we're going to play the crude stereotype game, there's a much older one, you know :wink: :
  13. I suggest readers look at this thread, 'Indoctrination of kids - is this vid for real ?' on 'Current Affairs'.
    It questions the validity and source of a video 'mora' managed to slip in to another of her threads, 'sexy summer swimwear'.
    It seems I am not alone in thinking we have more than just a boring troll on our hands.....