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Looks interesting...

IMDB review however:

I really wanted to see this movie - I've heard it's very realistic and wanted to form my own opinion. I, myself, am a veteran of Israel's unending war in Lebanon - in the late 90's I served in an IDF fore-post in Lebanon - very similar to the one depicted in the movie.

The movie has two levels. The first one is the visual setting: the day-to-day life of soldiers in an IDF fore-post is shown very realistically - everything is meticulously recreated. There are some flaws, but they are minor and not really important. This works very well for people who actually served there - they feel "at home" with the movie, it makes it look believable to them and for many people evokes feelings of nostalgia. Because of that meticulousness this movie is an enigma for a person unfamiliar with realities of Israel-Lebanon war.

The second, more subtle level, is the political message: The movie shows a clash of left and right ideologies, with a heavy slant towards the left.

It is interesting to note that the movie makes minimal effort of making itself more understandable to a person who has never fought in Lebanon. Such person would be almost totally lost, and will fail to understand half of what's going on on the screen. Even the language is rich with IDF lingo OF THE TIME.

So, my conclusion is as follows: This is a left wing propaganda movie, directed at the veterans of Israel-Lebanon war, who are a fairly large audience in Israel. The meticulous visual realism is used to hammer in a political message that most of these veterans know to be false. What makes it even more ridiculous is that these ideas have been proved wrong by everything that happened since IDF's withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000. Thankfully, the propaganda appears to be failing: acceptance of the movie among the veterans is low, and continues to plummet.

This movie is a shame - it represents everything that is wrong with Israeli society nowadays.
The film did cause some controversy in Israel, largely due to the fact that some of the young actors had actually dodged military service themselves, and some IDF veterans regarded the film's tone as "defeatist."

Still did well at the box office in Israel and won a prize or two at film festivals. It's " left wing" message might not do it any harm as far as international distribution is concerned.

Mr Happy

I never worry about 'politcal messages' in war films. I just go for the shell cases spilling on the floor slowmo's and of course the bloody violence. A plot is optional too.

Rather like p*rn then really!
Mr Happy said:
I just go for the shell cases spilling on the floor slowmo's and of course the bloody violence....Rather like p*rn then really!
What porn do you watch? 8O

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