Israeli Turret

Discussion in 'RAC' started by TVEDU_RED, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. What's the deal with the chains hanging down from the rear of the Merkerva Turret?


    Are they as I suspect some sort of defence of the turret ring against RPGs etc? Can't see that being massively effective...
  2. Its a magic anti AT projectile thingy, that also gives a dead menacing clanking sound on top of the tracks
  3. Yep, they are there to set off HEAT weapons - and although they might look chip-shop, if it's Israeli it'll be effective!
  4. :santa: that bloke wants to be more carefull with his insulation tape
    obviously in israel's REME.or whatever they call it! :pissedoff:
  5. I dunno, maybe it's supposed to detonate any RPG before it manages to shoot down the crack (oo err).

    I know fuçk all though, so it's a uneducated guess.
  6. Cant be that good yesterday they lost 13 tanks in Lebanon
  7. Lost, 13 tanks.
    they need to work on their map reading skills.
  8. I've heard they saw a couple of inches off the barrel of the end of the gun when the tank is brand new.
  9. And that all tanks are secretly self loathing.
  10. ... and you find loads of money hidden away in all the nooks and crannys. in the turret?

    (Kind of where we manage to stash all our porn and bottles of baileys...)
  11. The Merkava has a ballistic trap under the rear bustle; the dreadlock chains are there to disrupt AT munitions that would otherwise get channeled in and hit eg. the turret ring.

    FFS I'm a STAB infantryman telling you this...
  12. Aye, and we fit the same thing to CR2 - are you sure this is a RAC forum and not WRAC? :)
  13. Nige, you are quite right - humour is good, knowledge is good, but there's a bit too much stupidity on display! Oh, BB, yes, you are a STAB Grunt, which rhymes with cnut, and you haven't actually told anybody anything, you tttwwwaaattt
  14. /Bite


    and tank rhymes with plank.
  15. Was that aimed at me?