Israeli strategy

Would you feel comfortable as an Israeli soldier?

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We as professional soldiers, or ex-soldiers, gladly fought terrorism as part of the job, and we did that job without favour to any side, or at least I hope we did.

In Palestine the Israelis are building a wall through a country that isn't theirs; set up roadblocks through that country stopping innocent civvies going about their business; keep any dissention down with bullets from the indigenous population; reply to stones with bullets, bombs and tanks; kill children and women, citing justification as they got their man; indulge in state sponsored assassination as a matter of course; are in effect an army of occupation etc. etc. etc.

Would you feel comfortable as an Israeli soldier?
It seems that the Israelis learned nothing from the holocaust. The Palestinians are appallingly treated, rather in the same way as Jews were by the Nazis.

Let us not forget that Israeli terrorists killed many British soldiers and policemen in the 1940s. Some of those terrorists went on to become members of the Israel government, so we should not be surprised at their attitusdes and policies today.

Israel really only exists because of the curiously unquestioning support of the US.

In this country, one of T Bliar's unelected advisers on the middle easts is Lord Levy, a well known Israeli sympathiser and apologist. Last year Peter Mandelson attended a celebration of the Israli terrorist attack on the King David Hotel in 1947, in which 90 were killed. Appalling.

I have often wondered how the brave heroes of the Israeli Defence Force (sic) sleep at night after killing civilians. That they have significantly higher rates of PTSD than other forces suggests that it is with difficulty.
Anyone else here ever been to Israel ? In my experience the nearer you get to the problem the bigger a mess it is, and the more difficult it is to take sides.

The Israelis have to put up with bombings and the like on a scale that we never even approached during the worst phases of the troubles in NI. They regularly have to scrape dozens of disassembled people off the pavement following yet another suicide bombing in a crowded bus or bar.

Trouble is, they respond to this by taking a leaf out of the SS guide to urban warfare and tear into the nearest refugee camp where anyone who gets killed is automatically a terrorist. The wall they are currently building to fence off a Palestinian ghetto is unbelievably ill-conceived.

I really don't see either side as good guys - they are both traumatised, bitter, hating groups of people and if they continue as they are it will only end when one group or another ceases to exist. At the moment, the Israelis are most likely to be the ones who survive as they are the strongest militarily.


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Terrorists ? What are you on about ? No such thing ! I know this as I heard an Israeli Govermnent spokesman informing me of the fact on the radio a few months ago.

Apparently the Stern Gang and Hannagah et al., "never targeted civilians." Well you learn something new every day.

When the historian with an opposite point of view, (who happened to be an American Jew,) mentioned the the King David Hotel atrocity, the spokesman first tried to blame the British Army and then did the verbal equivalent of pointing into a corner saying 'LOOK ! What's that very interesting thing over there ?' while running away. Again.

At least the Palastinians have the guts to die for their cause. (Not a good strategy, but has a limited tactical use)
Having carried out aeromedical flights to various Arab countries, the Israelis wouldn't let me in, thus preventing me from getting first hand experience of their country.
the Israelis seem to have taken the squaddie view of dealing with terrorists. Who has'nt at least Dreamed of getting crab air to drop a few bombs on Gerrys little gang :lol:
Fortunatly somebody somewhere decided the army was'nt going to use challenger tanks in ulster probably track miles issues :roll:
It sort of seems to have resoloved itselt.
if you want to see the spams approach try lots of israelis hang out there two by there approach its not going to stop soon.
Did you know Hellfires fired into a crowded street count as restraint :cry:
the Israelis seem to have taken the squaddie view of dealing with terrorists. Who has'nt at least Dreamed of getting crab air to drop a few bombs on Gerrys little gang

I agree with that, but who has dreamt this in the sure knowledge that innocent women and children would definitely be victims at the same time?
Ever get the feeling there banging there heads against a brick wall?

mind you the pals are not exactly playing with a full deck.
Gerry at least figured out he was'nt going to win and decided to change track and get himself a cushy little number.
maybe we could send him on exchange they been to columbia how about the middle east :evil:
Then they'd really know what shoot to kill was :twisted:

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