Israeli soldiers admit deliberately killing Gaza civilians

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. The Israelis probably have more black spots on their record than any Western nation these days when it comes to atrocities and killing non combatants, but I don't think this is the norm for Israeli soldiers.

    The Israelis have a conscripted military of ordinary people. They're not monsters who kill people for the hell of it, regardless of how the international media portrays them. And while I don't condone this particular group of soldiers actions, it's a bit hard for us to judge them when Gaza elects a terrorist organization.

    When the ordinary people in Gaza elect such an organization and condone the murder of innocent Israelis, it's difficult to feel their plight when the Israelis give them a dose of their own medicine. Almost all these conflicts these days start with katyusha rockets launched in Israel. Also consider this, even a Palestinian doctor reported the death toll was inflated, and that most of those killed were in the age of 17-23, with ties to Hamas.
  2. Until Israel will stop being a Zionist state nothing will change...
  3. Will any other nation do anything about it? Not a chance. Therefore they will do it again next time. Real politik.
  4. These 'innocent Israelis' would be the ones who ethnically cleansed the Palestinians out of their own land, right?

    Most countries are built on stolen land. But not within living memory. That's why this war still has many decades to run.

    Unless the Chinese decide to take over the Middle East by riding the anti-American tsunami that Israeli has stored up over the last sixty years.
  5. As reported here...
    and here...
  6. The Israeli government has seemingly always backed its military no matter what's supposed to have been going on. I am more surprised that sources within the military have lifted the lid on what's allegedly been done, not that it's actually allegedly been done.

    Does that make sense?
  7. I do not understand why the UN is not intervening such horror attacks? The UN courts need to take a stand on the issue, nothing much was done even the UN building in Gaza where people of Gaza took shelter, was bombed by Israel somtime back
  8. Because they don't have jurisdiction in Israel. Any serious attempt at trying to censure them at the Security Council would be vetoed by the US. Even if they did manage to get anyone to court the chance of getting evidence that isn't tainted by propaganda from either side would be quite unlikely.

    Part of the reason that these stories have come to light is that they have been given anonymously. I doubt that any of those would give statements against their countrymen to a formal investigation.
  9. I love the way this thread already contrasts to the "Is the BBC too Pro-Palestinian" thread.

    A pox on both their houses.
  10. Then they are guilty of MURDER,---- A war crime :!:
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Israel has a lot to answer for but the double standards displayed is shocking.

    Racist, terrorist fuckwits are the first words that spring to mind.... but maybe I didn't read the news for the last 60 years..... :roll:

    Although I'm sure the moderates will bring it to my attention.....

    Dons tin foil hat and teddy bear awaiting dullards 'the jews are all evil' brigade.
  12. Hey - Ord Sgt, Those tits are funking fantastic ! :D
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    I know, but I stole them from ScaleyAlbereto. :)
  14. So the testimony boils down to 3 Israeli Soldiers stories?

    Soldier "A"
    A family was told to leave its home that soldiers occupied from a platoon that the witness isn't part of. Platoon commander asked the family to leave and turn right, they misunderstood and turned left. The gunner didn't know that the family is coming to the closed area and he was told to fire at anyone that enters it. The gunner shot and killed the civilians.

    So wouldnt this be called "Hearsay" evidence since it wasnt the Soldiers Platoon and he didnt witness the shooting?

    Or have I missed something here? I'm trying to understand the conditions at the time of the incidents.