Israeli Rabbis protecting Palestians during the harvest


AWARTA, West Bank –

Once the month of Ramadan is over, just before the first rain, Palestinian farmers harvest their olive groves.

The importance of olives to the Palestinian economy cannot be overestimated. They are the single biggest crop for Palestinians and hold important cultural significance – especially as they symbolize land ownership.

As such, the olive harvest has become a major point of contention between Palestinian farmers and Jewish settlers.

Miri Yehuda / NBC News
A Palestinian family works during the olive harvest near the Palestinian town of Awarta, in the West Bank.

Every year, there are reports of violence against the Palestinian farmers as settlers intimidate them and even beat them and steal the olives.

But Palestinians have found an unlikely ally in their efforts to continue their harvest – a group of Jewish activists, "Rabbis for Human Rights," put themselves in harm’s way to help protect Palestinians during the annual harvest.
Can't see what's 'unlikely' about men of religion protecting the innocent and vulnerable. Isn't that what they're supposed to do? Just goes to show how twisted that part of the world is when it's thought otherwise.


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Wouldn't that be amazing though: Have the Israeli civilian population go out and even HELP the Palistinians gather their harvest!

Of course, it would last about five seconds before the arab militants heard about it and used it as an excuse to a: kill Israelis, and b: kill Palistinian 'collaberators'.


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There's the rub. Each nationality is as bad as the other. You have arab hard-liners on one side, bombing restaurants, firing rockets into civilian areas, blowing up buses, and on the other side, you have rabid settlers who consider themselves to be 'pioneers' at the very forward edge, and who hate the arabs.

Wonder what would happen if, like in N.I., the gobment turned a blind eye to organised crime in order to stop the fighting.

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