Israeli PM Netanyahu pulls out of US nuclear summit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tubbs1970, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Fcukng brilliant. He will come to a meeting to talk about everyone elses nuclear weapons, no problem.

    Mention Israels nuclear capability and he won't play any more.

    Absolute class.
  2. I feel your pain :roll:
  3. You really are a one-trick pony aren't you! :roll:

    You might want to change the record occasionally. ;)
  4. Ahhhh, Tubbs weekly Israel thread begins.
  5. My pain? I'm tickled pink about it! Speaks volumes about this double standards nation.

    Is it relevant to arrse?

    As british soldiers have died defending Israel (1st gulf war, attempting to eliminate scuds), yes i think it is.
  6. When was that then? I seem to have missed that bit of history :?

    or, do you mean defending Kuwait?
  7. Then let me educate you dave... coalition forces were preparing to liberate Kuwait, and Saddam was firing scud missiles at Israel (is it coming back to you now?).

    It was British troops who went into Iraq, before the main task force, to eliminate the scud threat to Israel. British troops died on these missions.

    British soldiers died attempting to stop Israel been attacked by Iraq. Geddit yet?
  8. Nice twisting of facts to suit your warped way as usual.

    They went after the Scuds to keep Israel out of the war and in so doing, keeping the coalition together. You know, the coalition which had Arab nations partaking and was fully sanctioned through the UN. :roll:
  9. [​IMG]

    Outrage bus is warming up, Tubbs. :p

  10. Is that the short bus you ride to school?
  11. Good morning all!

    Can i suggest that all you who don't like Israeli nuclear capability to be discussed to fcuk off on the outrage bus, with Netanyahu... ? Discuss the topic please.

    Recce, i am not twisting the facts - British soldiers died in 1st Gulf war attempting to stop Iraq scudding Israel. There are bereaved British families who will confirm this fact. Give them and the moemory of these men some respect at least please.
  12. So the scuds were only pointing at Israel then Tubbs? Or was I running around like an idiot with my respirator on in the wrong country?

    Even if they were only pointing at Israel, someone has already explained the very good reason that we wanted to disable them.

    Israel has nukes, so what.

    Isn't there another website where you can go to to spout all this rubbish week in week out.
  13. **** off Tubbs. No one cares, ta.
  14. No one cares... ? Funny how i've had so many answers - don't care, don't answer and topic dsappears, dunnit?

    As Israel is wanting us all to discuss Irans nuclear progression, shurely it is important not to stick our heads in the sand regarding Israeli nuclear capability.
  15. No-one is sticking their heads in the sand, they have them, and they will use them if it's a last man standing affair. What is the discussion point? Wouldn't we?

    If I was Israeli I would ask to pay more tax in order to keep a nuclear deterrent!