Israeli PM approves further settlement on occupied territory

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Doesn't seem like there is much intent on the part of the Isrealis to return to the legal 1967 borders any time in the near future, does there?

  2. what happened recently where they went in with the bulldozers and everything to clear away settlements then as part of some agreement or other? Think it was 1-2 years ago.
  3. The Israelis intend closing some but leaving two or three intact. This is wrong. It is also wrong to carry on expanding those settlements.
  4. These were ceasefire lines (from the War of Independence) not lines approved by UN partition in '48 etc. The gloabl convention is to recognise them as some kind of border. Any eventual 'settlement' (excuse the pun) will probably involve a land swap for some 'settlement' blocs to Israel and some predominantly arab areas of Israel to the Pals (IMHO to the annoyance of those arab inhabitants).
  5. Yes, I'd be mildly ticked off myself.
  6. Are the Isrealis that f@cking stupid?

    Of course that want to work towards a 'Peace Plan', then expand into other lands that do not belong to them!

    Until the USA stop backing all the Isrealis do in ventures such as this, the sooner that stop pushing thir weight about and being a reason why those in the area HATE then so much.

    Until the arms that both Syria and Iran supply the local terrorists in Gaza are stopped and these maniacs stop firing thier rockets into Isreal, nothing will chance, they are both as bad as each other and with no excuses.

    "Bull and Red Rag" springs to mind!
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Then the Israeli PM should not be surprised when those who own land he approves development on, fight back with the only weapons they have - suicide bombers and crap rockets.

    Frankly, until Israel stops believing itself to be above international law, I find it hard to find any sympathy for them in a situation they created and continue to provoke.
  8. CB - If the Gazans stopped flicking missiles at the quarter of a million Israelis in the locality the tensions would ease. Unfortuantely the Gazans democratically elected Hamas whose intention's are more sinister then improving the economic and social lot of the average Gazan. They are in fact reaping the backlash but if that is who they want to rule them then so be it. Certain reports do indicate that Hamas has lost it's popularity as the situation deteriorates.

    I think you will find that the Pals have hated the 'Israelis' long before the current hostilities. Go back to the riots / unrest in the 20's & 30's to see how deep rooted the entire issue is. It wont go away with a local ceasefire unfortunately.
  9. Israel is a state born out of terror that lives by terror. There is no hope of the palestinians stopping their terror attacks whilst the israelis conduct terror attacks against the palestinians. Until boths sides concede that the killing has to stop then it will continue.

    A pox on both their houses.
  10. All that Israel has done has tie its very existence to American global dominance. As the US inevitably declines, Israel will fizzle out, having squandered the initial sympathy of every other country on earth.
  11. Maxi - there was I thinking that Israel came out of a) the Balfour Declaration and b) a UN vote. You seem to have a unrealistically tainted image of Israel and one which does not completely match historical fact.

    Terror was employed by a minority of Mandate period Jews but the only recognition they may get is that they possibly sped up the process of ultimately a country that was re-formed through the hard work of the first pioneers and the lobbying of the Jewish Agency. Britain reconised a need for a Jewish homeland during WWI and the remainder of it's supporters recognised the need for a Jewish country subsequent to the rise of Nazi Germany, etc.
  12. I was hoping somebody could clear a couple of things up for me about Israel. Sorry if this has been done to death; if so ill wander down the library.

    Anyway I know the state was formed after WW2 in order to gives Jews their own homeland after persecution by Hitler. Am I correct in believing that it was the USA that was the main force behind this idea? Also what concessions were given to the Palestinians since they had large chunks of land taken from them?

    Also when Israel first started taking land out with the agreed borders why did nobody stop them? Perhaps a similar international mentality of that to Hitler pre-WW2? "Oh they are just being a tad mischievous, turn a blind eye and they will settle down".

    And nowadays why is there no major pressure in telling them to get their act together. I know the Americans don’t voice it much as they want an ally over there and (sorry for sounds as though I'm wearing a tin foil hat) want to keep Jewish voters happy as they tend to vote the same for whoever backs Israel. Have we just gotten used to it and forgotten how and why Israel was formed? Thanks.
  13. Depends on view points to get answers on your question(s) but I suggest you read a bit of background history before you get 'tainted' by one side or another from a reputable source.
  14. Terror is usually carried out by a minority of any grouping, that of course does not make them any less terrorists. The activities of those Mandate terrorists had made the mandate almost ungovernable hence the UK handing the mandate back to the UN and the partition vote. The present policy of collective punishment of civilian populations in nothing more or less than state terror. Having said that suicide bombing and rocket attacks are wrong too, and two wrongs never make a right. There will be no peace until both sides stop killing, that is the reality, and just as every suicide or rocket attack puts peace back so does every israeli retaliation. Equally every new settler in the west bank simply generates the conditions for more terrorists to be created, and perhaps is a deliberate ploy by the israeli government to keep the conflict going. Israel has the means to end the conflict but chooses not to, why?
  15. And lets not forget how the state of Isreal was formed and how, adding to that how many British servicemen and police were murdered by the Jewish Terrorists in the late 1940's!

    Crap rockets perhaps, but until these terrorists in Gaza are stopped, then the state of Isreal has a right to defend, however, they seem to believe they have the right to invade counties around them using very flimsy excuses.

    Lets face it, there are extreemists on all sides