Israeli Offensive Starts in Gaza

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lepus, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. On BBC Two now!

    Looks like they've finally had enough about that captured soldier.
  2. This will not solve the Palestinian problem
  3. I reckon the Palestinians are as deserving of their own nation as anyone else. Didn't the Israelis get theirs by being deserving?
  4. Well, Israel is fed up with Hamas and their little games, so they're going to give them something to think about as they tanks tread their way down and cut Gaza in half, take and cut each piece of Gaza into pieces even more. Palestine wanted a war, Israel is going to oblige them, is all. Palestine had chances, they blew it.
  5. what makes me laugh is how palastine (of hamas) keep doing things like this when they know Israel take no sh*t and will dish out some serious retribution sooner or later, it might not be right but its a fact of life, how many lessons to they need to learn?
  6. any way what is "Palestinians" ? This name is given to the land by the British, after the fall of the Ottoman/Turkish rule. Till than they themselves ( that is the Arab inhabitants ) didn't aware they bore a unique nationhood of their own, after all the boundaries of that "Palestine" was drawn by the Brits themselves ostensibly for the Jewish "national home", but in reality due thier own interests and the rivalry with French. That's why the Jews were sure the Jewish National home will include the East Bank of the Jordan too, but than Churchill saw the need to reward the Hashemites for their help in the Arab revolt, and their lost in Arabia itself, so the East Bank renamed Trans-Jordan, and than Jordan. The people, beside the Jews, in this land didn't bear any other trait that differ them with the other Arabs in the Middle East. They can be perfectly Jordanian and Egyptians if it weren't the cause that it happened to be.
  7. At some point the Hebrews themselves were just another band of flea bitten shiftless Bedouin who had no land to call home. Everybody has to start somewhere. But I've noticed immigrants everywhere want to close the door after they've gotten inside.
  8. don't impose your european mind to the situation in the levant
  9. Well that's a switch. I'm a Spam, honey chile.

    Does this mean you want me to choose sides? I'd as soon see the last of both sides of the problem.
  10. No Spam, I want the Brits will know their own history better.
  11. Is that what you're on about? History lessons? Thank goodness cause it sure looked like you were assigning blame for a bit there.
  12. The Egyptians have deployed 2500 troops along the border with Gaza to prevent people from fleeing into Egypt.
  13. Isn't that MFO patrolled territory? I'd presume the troops to be on the order of Military Police.
  14. You know, I think I've finally reached the point where I just don't give a rat's ass about the place any more. For the last 50-odd years, both sides have displayed and sustained a level of fuckwittage that would dismay even Paris Hilton's driving instructor and I'm sick of caring about it.

    To all involved,
    FFS. If you're hell-bent on killing each other, for crying out loud just get on with it properly so the rest of the world can move on without you. It took you 50 years to agree on the symbol that should go on the side of ambulances- I don't know what I was thinking when I thought that a negotiated settlement could be reached.

    Once the bodies are buried I'm sure some enterprising individual can come up with a use for 20,000 or so square kilometres of sand and rocks in the Eastern Med (although fcuk knows what). Alternatively perhaps we should start helping out the Iranians with their nuclear programme. If Ahmadinejad is as nutty as T6 et al suggest, perhaps he'll throw enough instant sunshine that way to take everybody (Israeli and Palestinian) out of the game.

    Rant over.