Israeli non-issue of bayonets to save money

Because they kill their enemies way before it would be needed.

Semi-disheveled and semi-slovenly troops who take no shite and kill their enemies without a fukking debate in parliament from the opposition party’s leader, who may or might not be a communist?

Proof that marching up and down in shiny boots and red coats actually belongs in the 1800s
Harsh! Very harsh!
The IDF, including their semi-disheveled and semi-slovenly honour guard, is the only army in the world not to issue bayonets, to save on the shekels.

The Tavor isn't even made with a lug to fit a bayonet.

For today's Independence Day, they decided for the first time to issue some British Mandate bayonets for their honour guard's Vietnam era M16s to make them look a bit more menacing, as Arabs and Iranians seem utterly unafraid of them.

When their Chief of Staff was asked why they don't issue bayonets or give any knife training, he said "it's not Jewish!" and "we Israelis fight with our trigger fingers!"
They used to like knives and garottes back in the Warsaw ghetto.
So long as their enemies are under 14 and armed with nothing more dangerous than a pointy stone, obviously.
Sounds like my idea of a fair fight, can we call in MLRS if they go up to half house bricks?

Palestinians must be some special kind of stupid.
I always wondered why they continued with chucking Stone's when the response was the yids brass up everyone in range like they're reenacting the Predator movie.
First time you saw ya mate get turned into a collander for lobbing gravel, your normal bloke would think fuçk that for a game of soldiers and fuçk off back to the hovel.


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True dit/ Med Man Canada - L85A1 issued, still with 58 pattern webbing and rubbish adaptor for bayonet to fit on belt. Many Jocks loose bayonets but company commander says they will all have to appear on orders for loss of bayonets. The Company clerk is unimpressed with the amount of 252 forms he will have to bash out on the old manual type writer. At the end of one attack he espies the OCs daysack, with a bayonet poorly secured to it. The bayonet mysteriously dissapears. Suddenly all the missing bayonets become exercise loss./True dit.

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Not British bayonets.

In fact they look like M16 bayonets on M16 rifles.

Not sure what the purpose of your post is, if any?
To dribble on about Israel and their kit like every other post he has made.
I take it that you have never had the joy of fruitlessly searching for a lost bayonet dropped by a recruit. Nor the pleasure of writing a statement for both the SIB and the local MI Sect either?
I’ve missed out. Gutted.
Not an M16 bayonet. The original bayonet for the M16 was the M7 Bayonet, now they issue the M9 bayonet.
I think either the M7 or the M9 also fit the lugs on the M4A1
Those are M7 Bayonets and some units in the US still have them mixed in with M9 Bayonets.

M4 series rifles have the same length from Flash Hider to Front sight base as a 1965 XM16E1
To dribble on about Israel and their kit like every other post he has made.
He's not a fan of Jews that's for sure.

I reckon he's a member of Labours front bench.

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