Israeli is lynched after killing four on bus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. 8O 8O

  2. Are the IDF off to bulldoze the shooter's family's house? Thought not - still, hardly worth it as they'll be moving out anyway...
  3. Stomp the man to death....the usual muslim brand of justice :roll:
  4. I reckon a fair few Londoners would have welcomed the chance to stomp our Islamikaze bombers to death too, at least the last lot of cretins.
  5. From what it sound like the bloke was touched by the fairies, as he had been AWOL for a while and was still cutting about in his kit.

    Mind you I thought it was only the Met Police that shot fare dodgers
  6. Im pretty sure they would have shot him, but they aren't allowed to carry arms, whereas the jewish isrealis are...

    Not a nice death either way, but he was doing something equally as bad as any palestinian terrorist.
  7. Seems fair enough tosser got what he deserved .
  8. Also it saves the cost of putting him on trail, and then sending him to prison.

    Justice the Judge Dredd way, back of the net!
  9. Also, many Christian Palestinians of course.
  10. Suprised the t*sser was in IDF uniform at all. Ultra-orthodox Jews are the only group exempted as a matter of course from the Israeli military draft if they can show that service would interupt their studies at yeshiva (Judaic religious school). This, of course, leads to the 'interesting' situation of young Israelis, many of whom have absolutely no interest in holding on to the 'occupied territories' providing protection for people who are causing many of the problems in the first place and yet, for the most part, refuse to serve what they see as a secular and illegitimate Israeli State. If I were a young Israeli conscript, I'd be relishing the chance to evict the b*stards at gun-point.
  11. Oh yeah? I reckon you're completely wrong - I could understand desperate, downtrodden people doing it out of retribution, but 'civilised' Brits don't go in for that brand of retaliation
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    For someone who professes to be well read and intelligent, you show a surprising lack of understanding of crowd psychology.

    How many tours of NI did you do ?
  13. Cuts,
    I don't think he's been to a Leeds, Cardiff City or Millwall match in a while either.

    Interesting story though- real 'Man bites Dog' stuff.