Israeli CoS assessment on Iranian Nuclear Intent

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Boumer, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Iran undecided on nuclear bomb - Israel military chief

    Some reported candid remarks from the Israeli Chief of Staff about Iranian nuclear capability and intent.

    How interesting. He does appear to be at odds with the Likud Government.

    "But despair not," he said. "The State of Israel is the strongest in the region and will remain so. Decisions must be made carefully out of historic responsibility but without hysteria."

    Anyone with subject matter knowledge know if Lt Gen Benny Gantz is headed the way of General McChrystal?
  2. The Israeli military has been leaking like crazy for about a year that it is not anywhere near as keen on starting an Iranian war as Bibi. Gantz was careful with his words and was skeptical that an Iran he views as rational would actually build a bomb, that's a long way from Bibi but that's some way from Stan's staff mocking Barry. I think Gantz would be much harder to fire especially as he's more or less on Pentagon message.
  3. Israel PM: illegal African immigrants threaten identity of Jewish state | World news | The Guardian

    what do you reckon mate?

    someone burnt his toast, he decided to pull a "look bad people" to distract attention or an actualy promlem?
  4. The migrants have been crossing from the Sinai in their thousands over the years and unfortunately there are not enough jobs for them leading to a high crime wave and all manner of problems. The problem has become more pronounced more recently and some areas of south Tel Aviv and Eilat (amongst others) are like "No-go" zones.
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  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    How bad must it be in their own countries that a state that already has its own second class citizens seems like an attractive option?
  6. Why not just toss them into some of the rougher bits of Judea and Samaria? It'd really confuse the Pals.
  7. Having undergone a gruelling trip from Africa through Sinai, I don't think that there is any love lost between the Sudanese / Eritreans / African migrants and the arabs. Many are robbed, some are raped and a fair few murdered in the Sinai by the Egyptian security forces or local beduin.
  8. correct arik, this is from the united nations commissioner for refugees office in israel

    The journey is arduous and there are frequent reports of violence and starvation en route. Since 2007, 250 cases have been reported of women who have been raped by Bedouin smugglers, and it is estimated that many more go unreported (Wurgaft 2010; STW 2010). After surviving this journey, asylum seekers arrive at a border patrolled by Israeli and Egyptian troops where Egyptian policy has made the crossing a death-defying task. The UN and human rights organisations have documented more than 60 fatal shootings of unarmed individuals since the summer of 2007 (UN 2010; HRW 2008; AI 2008.). While the frequency of such reports has decreased, shootings continued to occur in 2010 (Reuters 2010).

    add this,

    The gravity of the security prism in Israel cannot be overstated. Officially managed under a legal "state of emergency" since its establishment 62 years ago, Israel has fought eight major wars, exercised countless military operations, experienced vicious terror attacks and continues to engage in the intricate Israeli-Palestinian conflict while dealing with threats of destruction.
    Under these conditions, security in Israel cannot be dismissed only as a social construct, but should rather be seen as a pivotal "societal pillar" that has psychological and social elements, based in Israel‘s geo-political reality. It is not surprising that asylum seekers (some of whom are citizens of hostile states to Israel) entering illegally through the notorious Egyptian border are conceived as a security threat.

    it gets worse though,

    As Willen (2010a) has pointed out, the kinship of genocide between Jewish experiences of the holocaust and Darfurian survivors shaped accommodating humanitarian responses but it also led to the creation of a hierarchy of suffering in which Darfurian Sudanese received a special humanitarian primacy over others. Their specific, "right" kind of suffering could be better accommodated than others forms of suffering.

    UNHCR - Ordered disorder: African asylum seekers in Israel and discursive challenges to an emerging refugee regime. Yonathan Paz

    now, there are simply too many.
  9. If the chosen ones are allowed to keep Nuclear bombs without being questioned or inspected than Iran also has the right to keep them without being questioned or inspected.

    Nuclear bombs are for cowards. Be a man, fight with a rifle.
  10. Just because you are allowed to baby sit children, doesn't mean Gary Glitter should also be allowed.
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