Israeli convicted by Colombia freed by E.U.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. International justice at its best again.

    Does this mean no one will be deported to the USA now, because they torture people too?

    Worth noting that this former IDF Airbourne Colonel has also served prison time in Sierra Leone in 1999, on charges of smuggling arms to the rebel group Revolutionary United Front.

    BBC News - Russia 'frees Israeli mercenary'
  2. Dim question inbound...

    How did Europe/ECHR block Russia from sending him to Brazil? Surely it's none of our/their business?
    Unless my geography is muddled?

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  3. Your S.American geography is muddled Son! It was Colombia seeking his extradition.


    How does ECHR affect Russian extradition - I'm not sure, but guess it was due to original arrest warrant for Yair Klein been issued by International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).

  4. Good grief, it makes you wonder how the idiotic ECHR would have suggested treating the Nazi war criminals after WW2, would they say it was within their, the Nazi's, human rights to do what they did in the various concentration camps and they should be sent to a nice clinic in Switzerland to have the error of their ways explained to them, after all they couldn't possibly get a fair trial from the vicious aggressors who won the war!
  5. So, the square root of cock all to do with the EU, then.

    It would have been rather unlikely to make any suggestions. Perhaps you should ask Churchill, considering he was responsible for its creation.
  6. Blaming Churchill for the farce that is the EU Parliment is a bit unfair - it would be like blaming Clement Atlee for the shameless characters living off the benefits system today. It is the fault of the tax payers and voters, i.e. YOU, who have sat back and done nothing as it has evolved into what it is today.

    The previous comparison of Colombia's AUC (private right wing paramilitary) to Nazis is not far wrong. In a previous life I nearly had a run in with a group of them in Colombia, but was thankfully vouched for by a local friend. I wasn't scared at the time, but since getting to know more about them I now know I should have been.

    Murderous bastards them AUC. Trained by the Israeli who has just returned home a free man. Thanks to YOU (ok, us). THis is all been done in our name.
  7. Err, and where have I done that?

    Just in case you missed it the first time round, the ECHR has cock all to do with the EU.
  8. Unlikely Russia was influenced by the ECHR.

    I think that it is rather connected to the recent extradiction of mr.Bout from Thailand to the USA.

    BBC News - Extradited 'arms dealer' Viktor Bout arrives in US

    By the way, Russia could follow US line and jail the Israeli after a trial using Colombian findings.

    It is possible that the Israeli was freed as a part of a deal and mr.Bout could be freed few months later. Russian TV reported that American mass media 'have lost interests to mr.Bout case'. Maybe it was made by the 'signal' from the White House.
  9. Are you watching a wide screen HD tv kgb? You seem to have a good view of the bigger picture.

    I too (now you have pointed it out) can't believe these are not related. So maybe not who I thought was to blame (ECHR), but still very wrong.

    You're right, please excuse my assumptive ignorance.